Epson VS230 Projector Review


What Is the Best Video Projector under 500 from Epson?



This is the best video projector from Epson, as attested by the multiple positive reviews it has gathered.

The unit features a wide array of attractive specs, including HDMI digital connectivity.

This is the right projector for any business on a budget.

It can be set up and used easily and efficiently.

Compared to other products in the line, it’s small-sized and lightweight.



A buyer has mentioned that this is not a standard 16:9 projector but can be used for this format. Nevertheless, displaying any image in this specific format will create a faint light above and below it. If you’re looking for a basic, entry-level home projector or one that does its job without any fuss, you should be willing to give this one a shot. Choosing a high-end 16:9 variant will bring forth inevitable extra costs and the chosen device will probably be more difficult to operate.


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Benefits Explained

  • There are more than 390 people who have chosen this model. Of this figure, more than 350 have chosen to award it a 5-star rating. Customer reviews are important because they can tell prospecting users exactly what to expect from a unit. For instance, this product has been characterized as a great projector for business and home use, particularly when utilizing it in small rooms. The compact size and the weight are two other features that have been praised over and over again.


  • Some might say that this is the best SVGA projector, as it comes with a variety of nifty advantages. First off, it has a 3LCD, 3-chip technology and it supports HDMI connectivity. Looking for vibrant colors? You don’t have to worry about anything with this model, as it has 2800 lumens in color brightness and 2800 lumens in white brightness.


  • It’s common knowledge that entrepreneurs don’t have it easy. Startups and other small businesses can largely benefit from utilizing this model, as it is relatively inexpensive and comes with the perks of more complex and more pricey units in the line.


  • As long as buyers use it in small conference rooms, they’ll be more than impressed with the quality of the displayed image and with how easy this unit is to install. The simple setup makes installation a breeze, particularly since the model allows flexible placement. Sleep mode is part of the deal, and can be used for pausing the presentation without turning the projector off.


  • The product has a weight of only 5.1 pounds and measures 14.3 by 14.2 by 6.4 inches. The size and weight of a video projector matter quite a lot, as the device will likely be used by more than one individual and will thus have to be carried from one room to another.



Epson VS230 projector reviews recommend it for providing great value for the price. If you aren’t yet ready to spend a good part of your budget on a video projector, you might want to have a look at the specs of this one.

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