Esthology Professional Facial Steamer Review


What Is the Most Reliable Facial Steamer from Esthology



1.Esthology Professional Salon Multi-Function Ozone Facial Steamer


This is the best facial steamer from Esthology thanks to its ability to offer multiple functions.

Using distilled water, the Esthology Professional Salon Multi-Function Ozone Facial Steamer delivers excellent steam production.

This piece of equipment comes with two operating modes.

The machine comes with a variety of components that help the user enjoy optimal use.

The appliance is effective and safe to use.



One of the Esthology Professional facial steamer reviews complains that the timer emits a clicking sound while in use, and then gives off a ding at the end, which can be a nuisance for some people during the facial treatment session.


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Main features explained


The Esthology Professional facial steamer integrates multiple functions that include a salon-quality facial steamer, UV sterilization and an adjustable, magnified inspection lamp. The 5 diopter mag light helps you use the appliance as a source of illumination only. You can also choose to use the magnifier feature to bring the surface of the skin up close and easily viewable. Or use the unit as a facial steamer with magnification lamp for illumination plus magnification before steaming. The steamer nozzle is outfitted with a quality long-life 4-watt ultraviolet bulb that emits UV rays or ozone to sterilize the steam as it goes through the steamer arm.

2.Esthology Professional Salon Multi-Function Ozone Facial Steamer

Transforming distilled water into heated steam or vapor that relaxes the facial muscles and opens the pores, the device is the best professional ozone facial steamer. The Esthology Professional facial steamer is outfitted with a large, heavy-duty glass water reservoir plus a top-mounted water inlet that makes the steamer easy to fill and use. Spraying around 24 ounces of water per hour, the device has vapor (steam) and ozone (UV) functions with independent on/off switches and bright lit indicators.


To aid in its ability to deliver superb UV sterilization, the Esthology Professional facial steamer boasts two operating modes. You can opt to use the steam only functionality or the steam plus ozone option.


The Esthology Professional facial steamer provides excellent clarity and illumination. It has a convenient single caster base that enables easy maneuverability and transfer from one area to another. The built-in, 60-minute timer delivers precise treatment duration with auto shut off. The magnifying lens has high clarity so you can view the surface of the skin, helping you know what kind of facial treatment is best.


Thanks to the automatic circuitry, the steamer switches off when water level drops too low. The unit is also fuse protected and the supplied 7.5-foot power cords for the light and the steamer are grounded for safety. The facial steamer keeps unwanted heat to a minimum while providing excellent light and clarity. This is a CE-certified steamer with USA standard, so you are assured of reliable quality and performance.



The Esthology Professional facial steamer comes with a one-year warranty, which is your assurance of premium quality and craftsmanship. The unit provides UV sterilization, magnification and illumination. You’ll love the professional results you can get when using the facial steamer.


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