Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter Review


Select the Best Cat Litter from Ever Clean


1. Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat LitterBenefits

This is the best unscented cat litter that speaks to the needs of allergic cats.

The product is known for being inexpensive.

Ever Clean Extra Strength cat litter reviews state that it comes with one of the most efficient clumping powers.

Even though it is unscented, it attracts and holds natural odors.

The litter is made of 100% natural ingredients and is certified for being dust-free.



Some customers have expressed complaints related to the lack of scent in this litter. This is why it is very important to thoroughly read the description of a product before finalizing a purchase, as the manufacturers of this litter state this is an unscented cat litter.

Other buyers have failed to be impressed by the price of the item, even though this is one of the most economical products of the line. Nevertheless, the same individuals have stated it offers good value for the money they had to spend in order to purchase it.


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Benefits Explained

  • Cats have an amazing sense of smell. They’re capable of detecting scents that are impossible to discern by the human nose, which is one of the main reasons of the common occurrence of allergies in felines. Choosing an unscented litter helps you keep your cat healthy and happy, particularly if he or she is prone to perfume or dust allergies.

2. Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter


  • Although there have been some customers emphasizing that the price of the product is a little out of their budget, we’ll say it is undoubtedly worth the money. A 25-pound box of the Ever clean Extra Strength Cat Litter costs less than $20. It really depends on how big of a fan you are and how much you are willing to invest in the safety and comfort of your cat.


  • According to some individuals, the litter is highly absorbent and will allow buyers to successfully gather the remnants without sacrificing the entire litter box.


  • One of its acclaimed features is the odor control it comes with. It is common knowledge that the urine of cats does not necessarily smell good, particularly the one belonging to unneutered male felines.


  • This is the best cat litter from Ever Clean, particularly if you’re looking for an all-natural alternative. This product contains no other ingredient aside from natural clay. The litter is dust-free and highly popular among cats, but there’s one thing worth mentioning. It is recommended that you do not try to dispose of it by throwing it into the toilet.



This is an inexpensive cat litter that does its job wonderfully. It is dustless, it does not contain any artificial perfumes or detergents and it clumps just great. More than 170 people thought this item was worthy of a 5-star rating. Buyers speak highly of the product’s ability to absorb moisture along with the inevitable nasty smells.

Overall, this is one of the most popular items of the line, and that comes as no surprise considering it’s rather cheap and high-quality.


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