Back in 2016, The Mirror published an article about the profile of a bingo player. How do you think a typical bingo player looks like and what are their pastimes, hobbies, and professional activities. It used to be that everybody thought those who played bingo are old ladies like our grandmothers.


Things have changed a lot over the years. While in some locations in the world, such as the U.S., bingo is still popular with the elderly and people still play it in so-called real life, in other countries, it has won over the internet. According to some studies, it appears that about a third of all online bingo players fall within the twenty-five to thirty-four age bracket.

What’s even more surprising, 75% of all players are female. While other activities involving gambling might be less popular with this gender, it appears that bingo has managed to win the hearts of women. Around half of those who engage in this pastime say that it relaxes them, whether they are men or women. And in a way, that’s entirely understandable. What more could you wish for other than sit in the front of your laptop and have a good time for just about a half an hour or sixty minutes after you’ve come home tired from work?

Under one-quarter of those who like online bingo say that they do it for the thrill. In the end, though, we were surprised to find out that most users say they do it simply because they don’t have to get out of the house. As some say, online bingo has become a hobby.

The phenomenon has taken such a turn that scientific papers are now being published on the topic. In an extensive study focused on determining what the appeal of bingo really is, a participant switched to playing online despite being a great aficionado of traditional bingo halls for many years. The woman had four reasons for her decision. On the one hand, she got more value for the money, which is to say that her pennies lasted for a longer amount of time online than they would in a bingo hall.

Next, there was the flexibility and variety ensured by the online bingo service. She found that she could play at anytime she liked, which wasn’t the case with bingo halls, what with their strict opening hours. Moreover, in case she lost interest in a game due to her not winning, she could always switch to something else. In addition to all of this, the website usually offered her the freedom to review the game so as to give her two cents about whether or not it is worth playing.

Playing bingo online is a singular and personal experience, which is to say that Helen always had the choice to pick a day of the week when she could play for several hours, enjoy one or two glasses of wine, and even indulge in a snack.

The fourth reason was by far the most surprising one, mainly because it was part of the stimulus that has brought people to traditional bingo halls for decades. The social contact and the ability to get in touch with other players like herself was, in the end, the crucial motive that Helen continued playing bingo online.


Based on the research that we have undertaken, it appears that some of the most trustworthy bingo sites out there are Virgin Games, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, William Hill, Jackpotjoy, and Heart Bingo. To make the most of your money, you could always get a code promo Heart Bingo, or for any other of the websites that we’ve mentioned above. Most of such codes are available only to new members. Usually, such websites can offer you cashback of up to forty pounds and even more. Some will, however, condition you to deposit more than ten pounds when signing up; otherwise, you will not receive the free money.

To sum up, online bingo is becoming more and more popular, and for a variety of good reasons, too. It’s just as social as the ‘real’ one, it costs less, and your money lasts for a bit more time. It’s flexible and convenient, and most of the services you’ll find online will allow you to switch games if you’re bored or simply not winning.

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Recent years have seen an almighty surge in the popularity of online casino houses, with so much variety at the tip of your fingers, it’s hardly surprising this is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Online casinos are springing up right left and center, and many people are doing incredibly well.

So, if you fancy having a nose to see what all the hype is about, where does one possibly start? First things first, it’s absolutely essential that you read trusted reviews on any gambling site. As with most trends there are those who are there to cash in on it, and by this we mean scam casinos. Don’t be left in the dark when you could be celebrating a legitimate win with your loved ones!


Review the payment methods

Ensure you are satisfied and comfortable with the payment methods, deposit required and pay out time provided by any casino house. Reputable providers offer an array of payment means, as well as encourage responsible gaming. Check daily limits and consider caps for yourself.



Customer service

When reading reviews be sure to check the customer support on offer. There’s nothing more complex than navigating the system alone. Trusted casino houses offer 24-hour support through email, online chats and phone. Many such as All Jackpots online slots provide highly trained staff, who speak a number of languages and are more than happy to help you out.


Welcome offers

Take a look at joining promotions up for grabs once you sign up, as well as on going reward schemes. Playing a few free games first can help you discover what games you enjoy and whether you are any good at it! All Jackpots Casino offer an exclusive welcome package, which is pretty hard to beat. Good providers usually have a whole host of games on offer, for slot fans or those into card classics.


Check regulation

State by state, and country by country gambling laws vary considerably. Make sure you know your local law before you end up in hot water. When reviewing online casinos check where they are based to ensure they have the correct licensing. Trusted casinos have a list of restricted countries, and a certified stamp from a gaming authority such as the MGA.


Casino software

These days in such a dog eat dog industry it’s not hard for the scam sites to look incredibly genuine, with a sleek, slick layout. The biggest names in the industry have software developed by gaming giants. Many are award winning and industry leaders. Read reviews on the software developers, and check who is up to date with current and contemporary themes. Microgaming, NetEnt, and IGT to name but a few.


Last but not least…

There are so many components to ensuring you will have a safe, reliable and most importantly fun experience with any online casino, but as far as money is concerned it really is worth just a few minutes of your time to read reviews to find exactly what you are looking for.



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There are a lot of ways to sharpen skates out there, and some of them are downright wrong. Some consumers have admitted to trying to sharpen their skates with the help of a rotary tool, which only led to them purchasing a new model. Before doing any attempt on your own, it might be a good idea to perform a thorough research on the topic, be it online or by just asking for the opinion of a seller. We’ve collected several ideas that can help you complete the process, no muss, no fuss. Check them out below.


Sharpe hockey skates



The basics of sharpening skates

Many articles online will talk about the hollow and about what it might mean depending on the user. Yet what is a hollow, anyway? In a nutshell, creating a perfectly rounded valley that is centered on the bottom of the blade is what sharpening an ice skate really means. The valley is often times defined as a hollow. The main thing to keep in mind in this case is that the radius of the hollow greatly depends on the sharpening you perform, and can vary between ¼-inch to 1 ½-inch.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of players will go for a hollow between ⅜-inch and ⅝-inch. The rule is rather simple when it comes to understanding the radius of the hollow, as the smaller it is, the less shallow could the hollow be on the blade.

Things change when you’re on the ice. A shallow hollow can allow you to glide comfortably on the ice without losing too much edge bite, while a ⅜-inch deep hollow will create a considerable edge bite.



Why you should sharpen your skates

The skates you own should be sharpened in several circumstances. If you have recently bought a pair, you should probably try them out on the ice in order to realize whether or not you need to sharpen it. In most cases, you probably do. If there is no apparent reason for you to feel suddenly insecure while you are skating, you probably need to sharpen your skates.

The important detail to consider is that most hockey players sharpen their skates before every game, regardless of whether it is necessary or not.

If you are still having trouble understanding if you should perform the operation, simply look at the skates closely and determine whether the light reflects in the blade or not. If the blade appears to be dull, you probably need to do the sharpening.




As previously mentioned, some players sharpen their skates between games. Nevertheless, you should probably keep in mind that the more often you sharpen them, the more likely they are to wear out. If, for instance, you sharpen your skates once a week, you have a high chance of being able to use them for three years. Generally, the maximum number of sharpenings for a runner is one hundred and fifty. Since every pair costs between forty and sixty dollars, consider it an investment to sharpen them once a week.


Sharpen hockey skates



Good sharpenings vs. bad sharpenings

A good sharpening is made of two things: getting the proper hollow and having the hollow properly centered. It goes without saying that a bad sharpening lacks both of these two things.

The most important question is how you can avoid getting a bad sharpening. Several shops still perform outdated techniques such as cross-grinding hockey skates. Not only is this an old-fashioned method, but it doesn’t really do the trick as it modifies the shape of the skate rocker. By contrast, you’ll probably stumble upon a number of shops that use new technology for sharpening skates. However, a skilled operator can’t be replaced by a machine, regardless of its capabilities, as the sharpening should depend on the personal preferences of the user.



Do it at home

If you are the owner of a hand-held whetstone or a sharpening machine with a grinding wheel, you can do the sharpening in the comfort of your own home. Using a whetstone is not very complicated, as all you have to do is simply freshen the edge. On the contrary, the sharpening machine has to have the same radius of hollow you require, as well as the same width of your blades.

When using a sharpening machine, the key takeaway is to have a steady hand.

After you have wrapped up the sharpening, you need to check the centerline of the hollow, as it must be halfway between the two sides of the blade. You can do so with the help of a magnifier.



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Purchasing a new RV GPS unit might look like a daunting task. If you are having trouble separating the wheat from the chaff, we are here to help. The market is overflowing with high-quality products nowadays, so it might be difficult for you to understand which one you should pick.

We have put together a short list of the best pieces of advice you should consider before deciding on a model. Just remember, correlating your requirements with the characteristics of the device you intend to purchase is the best way of getting the right product. Also, if your time allows it, make sure to do a little bit of research and read some consumer reviews along the buying process.





What makes the best RV GPS for your needs and preferences

First of all, we’ll start by letting you know that there’s no right and wrong in choosing an RV GPS. Occasionally, it is a matter of trial and error, and other times you might find that a model you dislike might be the right one for another user.

Getting the unit you have been looking for should occur after you have considered three main aspects. If you are a tech aficionado, you might be interested in getting the latest in the field. This includes units that have all the features one might ever be looking for.

On the other hand, most of the consumers generally base their decision on a combination of the budget they have and the functions of the device. Sticking to a budget is a good idea, as you won’t feel tempted to overdo it. Furthermore, you may find that you’re prone to using several functions more often than others, which is why, in the end, you might require a simple model that gets the job done.

The last aspect of getting a new unit addresses those buyers who aren’t willing to spend an extra dollar, regardless of what they might be getting for the money. You know it, we know it, they exist. Since cheap isn’t synonymous with well-built or high quality, you might need to spend long hours doing your homework before you eventually purchase a good RV GPS.



Consider memory capacity

People will tell you that some of the most important features of an RV GPS are a large display, custom routing, custom points, and RV-specific tools and checklist. Few individuals will tell you to look for memory capacity, but it’s a crucial thing to take into account. The most basic models we have come across come with a limited memory that allows you to visualize a set of pre-loaded GPS maps.

Nowadays, it might be a good idea to go for a unit that has an SD or microSD slot, as this will allow you to update and load new maps and additional points of interest. The main advantage of getting a unit with an SD card memory expansion is that these types of cards are somewhat inexpensive. Fortunately, this is a characteristic that belongs to many models out there today.





Text to speech

Keeping your eyes on the road is a golden rule when driving any car, and even more so when driving an RV. Therefore, you’ll need to look for a unit that has text-to-speech. This means that the model will guide you with the help of audio notifications.

Live traffic service is another detail to consider, but you’ll have to pay more money for it. Let’s say you’re passing through a town where there’s a blocked freeway. Instead of going over there and having to turn around and change your route, you’ll know beforehand and thus, be able to avoid getting stuck in traffic.



MP3 and Bluetooth enabled

The ability to play MP3 files is a rather recent addition to RV GPSs. Some say it’s not mandatory, but we believe it all depends on what you’re looking to get from a unit. Playing your favorite music or an audiobook using the GPS speakers might not be the best bet you make, as you need to understand that the model has not been primarily designed for music.

The neat thing about modern units is that they can be connected to the sound system of the RV or car, therefore allowing you to hear the audio notifications and music at a much higher volume compared to what you would have experienced using the GPS speakers.

Bluetooth enablement will allow you to make use of your mobile phone. In this sense, you’ll be able to use your GPS system to answer to calls.



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Taking care of your recliner takes a lot of patience and commitment. Even so, with the right tools and the right tips, any individual, regardless of whether he or she is tech-savvy or not, can manage to repair a recliner.

Some of the first things to keep in mind is you’ll need to operate the unit properly. Avoid performing violent motions or any tugging while you’re pulling the handle. The same rule applies when trying to close the unit. Too much force could be damaging, and if you can’t seem to close it at all, you might need to try again. Whatever you do, don’t apply too much pressure and don’t force the recliner shut.




Several tips to get you started

Children and teenagers can accidentally jump onto the footrest and, therefore, inflict damage upon the mechanism. Over time, you’ll get used to the model in your house so much that you’ll be able to pick up on whether something is different or not. A clinking sound or a distinct feel may be clues that you might need to do some recliner maintenance. It could take years and years before something like this happens.

Any issues that you might discover with your recliner during the first year after you have bought it should be reported to the seller. Some manufacturers will offer you complete warranty coverage for a number of years, so why not just take advantage of it and get your product fixed or replaced for free?



Get the proper tools

Before starting to fix your recliner, you need to gather the proper tools. In this case, all you need is a screwdriver, wood glue, and a clamp, an adjustable wrench, upholstery patches, wood, a hammer, as well as nails, nuts, bolts, and screws. The size of the screws and others depends on the recliner model you own. It’s best to have as many sizes and varieties at hand, just in case you don’t know which types go into your recliner.



Recliner maintenance

After you’ve gathered the things you need, what you have to do is discover the problem. What’s wrong with your recliner? Take it step by step to make sure that you don’t miss anything.

For example, your unit might be suffering from a case of loose screws, nuts, or bolts. It goes without saying that all you have to do is use your flat-head screwdriver or adjustable wrench to tighten them. Some screws might be missing, so be sure to compare them to the ones you’ve gathered in your maintenance kit and replace them correctly.

Another problem that you may be able to identify is related to the handle. If the handle operating the footrest is broken, you can order a new one, provided you check for the brand and model and get the right one. Let’s say that your handle is loose. If it is, it’s probably easier to manage, as you will only have to tighten the fasteners.

Some users might have the unfortunate surprise of realizing that their recliner chair base has cracks or has broken altogether. The cracks can be repaired with some wood, glue, and a clamp. As is the case with the handle issue we were mentioned earlier on, the wood base can be replaced by buying a new one. If you’re crafty enough, you can make a new one based on the pattern.


woden base for recliner


By contrast, the base might be made of metal. In this respect, it might be close to impossible to build a new one out of metal, so try using a strong type of wood. As previously described, use the pattern to make a new base and then fasten the chair to it.

Dealing with tears in the covering is by far the simplest way of maintaining your recliner in perfect shape, as you will only need the correct upholstery patches. Of course, they should match the covering on your unit regarding color, material, and pattern. Some patches are self-adhesive and, therefore, take the hassle out of fidgeting with any glue. All you have to do is cut the patch so that it matches the piece that’s missing from your covering and then use a clamp or apply weight to make sure that the glue sticks and dries.



Final tips

Simplifying the maintenance can be done at the right moment when you buy your recliner. Some retailers offer maintenance kits, so be sure to buy one or two of these when you purchase the model of your choice.

Children shouldn’t be in the area you’ll be doing your recliner maintenance, to avoid being hurt. Pay attention when operating the unit, as it can cause injury even on a grown-up.



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Want to buy a new electric broom but you’re feeling a little puzzled as to which features are a must and which you can do without? If that’s the case, you have come to the right place. We’ve put together a short buying guide to help you understand just what makes a good electric broom. Just remember, getting the right product is often a matter of personal preferences, so be sure to correlate the specs with your needs.

Here’s what you should consider when buying a new electric broom.


electric broom




Probably the most important reason to look for an electric sweeper is that it’s relatively lightweight and easy to use. Therefore, this one of the most important details of the product design. Nothing beats a maneuverable design, particularly when it comes to a broom that can go into narrow spaces.

When starting to prospect the market, you should take into account the fact that electric sweepers were not primarily designed to clean entire rooms or your entire house, so they may feature a smaller head size compared to the one in traditional upright vacuums.

If you’re looking for something that’s powerful enough to allow you to vacuum the floors in your whole house, you’re probably searching for a vacuum cleaner and not an electric broom.



Power source

There’s a myriad of corded and cordless electric sweepers on the market today, so which one should you pick? Portability is the most important advantage of a cordless model, but you should think about its battery life. Most of the models we have come across aren’t capable of lasting for more than thirty to forty minutes, and others feature a runtime of around fifteen minutes. If you only require an electric broom for the occasional spill, a cordless unit might be the answer.

On the other hand, if you’d like to clean a larger surface with your electric broom, it might be a good idea to go for corded, even though some people say it’s less versatile and convenient.



Additional features

Another thing to consider when analyzing your available options is the number of provided attachments and the actual capabilities of the product you intend on buying. Is the broom able to clean both hard floors and carpeted areas? Will you be able to use it for upholstery and curtains? Do you need it to be so versatile or are you looking for a more basic model? You need to write down the answers to all these questions and only then make up your mind on a model.

As for the number of attachments provided by the manufacturer, the rule is rather straightforward: the more they are, the better. A hose can allow you to reach distant places, while dust brushes can do wonders when it comes to cleaning hard surfaces. Crevice tools can remove crumbs, and a specially designed upholstery tool will do the trick for your furniture.


electric broom accessories



The price of electric brooms can vary greatly depending on the brand that’s producing them, on the quality of build, and even on the country of origin. You’ll find that the most affordable models can often be bought for as little as thirty to forty dollars, while more expensive units can cost as much as seventy or more.




As is the case with any other product you might ever feel tempted to buy online, reading several consumer reviews should play a significant role in your preliminary research. Unfortunately, going through the user reviews takes time and effort, and you won’t be able to read them all. Even so, we strongly advise you to read at least five to ten reviews of each rating.

The buyers who awarded the item a 5-star rating will virtually have nothing bad to say about it, but there are some individuals who purchased it and perhaps were not as impressed. Negative reviews are golden when it comes to finding out about performance, capabilities, convenience, and durability, and even about the way the manufacturing brand treats its customers.



Brand, country of origin, and warranty

The name of the brand doesn’t mean that much when it comes to getting the right electric broom. However, some of the manufacturers are more respected than others, mostly because they offer a decent customer service. If possible, try to stick to appliances manufactured in the United States or Europe, as they’re generally thought of as being more well-built.

As for warranty, don’t let anyone tell you that it doesn’t matter. The model of your choice should be backed by a minimum of a 1-year warranty.



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