Flash Furniture Rocker Recliner Review


What Is the Best Recliner from Flash Furniture?


1. Flash Furniture MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG



This plush rocker recliner comes with the perfect dimensions to cradle your tired body in total comfort.

The overstuffed padded seat, back and arms offer a level of comfort you just can’t get from a cheaper product on the market.

The lever recliner provides ease of use.

The dark brown leather soft upholstery makes this piece a delightful addition to your living room furniture.

The rocking feature is a wonderful bonus that is no less than an enticing feature.



One of the Flash Furniture rocker recliner reviews notes that it can take a little too much effort to sit up in the recliner.



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Benefits Explained


This plush rocker recliner has excellent measurements that enfold you in reclining comfort. It has a 43-inch width, a 66-inch depth and a 39-inch height, ensuring you of support all over your body. This is definitely good news when you want somewhere to just put your legs up and recline without lying down straight in a bed. The Flash Furniture rocker recliner offers a place to rest and get some short Z’s while still enabling you to quickly rise from its folds. It is the perfect nap companion for any busy individual.

2. Flash Furniture MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG

The overstuffed padded seat, back and arms enable yo3e comfort level so you can feel comfortable while staying relaxed.

The solidly built rocker recliner is spacious and cozy. It is built with a lever on the side that adjusts the recliner position. The recline position can be adjusted to be horizontal so it won’t make you feel like you are suddenly going to fall out of the chair with any slight change of position.

Many users agree that the polyurethane and leather blend the upholstery is built with provides a good thickness and doesn’t feel sticky or thin like one would definitely expect from faux leather. The blend also endows unique durability to this best recliner from Flash Furniture. Offering softness and a posh appearance to the recliner, the rich brown leather is sure to complement the rest of your living room décor. Extra cushion is used to pad the headrest and arm rest to ensure a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Easy cleaning and regular care are guaranteed thanks to the durable leather upholstery.

The motion recliner comes with the added bonus of a rocking feature. This enables the recliner to provide a gentle back-and-forth rocking that can easily calm the frazzled nerves of an adult and the tantrums of a restless baby.



Providing you comfort plus the added bonus of the rocking feature, the Flash Furniture rocker recliner lets you rest your tired body and mind during short breaks in your busy schedule. Place this in the living room so you can pull your legs up while watching TV, or relaxing with some coffee and the morning paper. The gentle back and forth rocking of the recliner proves to be soothing to both babies and adults.


Buy from Amazon for ($399.99)