Gaiam Pilates Toning Ring Kit Review


Best Rated Pilates Rings from Gaiam



This is one of the most affordable models in the line.

If you want to tone your core, you might want to check this product out, as it can be utilized for a wide array of fitness activities.

The pilates ring is lightweight and easy to use, regardless of the buyer’s level.

It looks as if this Gaiam unit is great to use for seniors, at least judging by some customer opinions.

This is a kit, which means that buyers will not only be able to benefit from the ring per se but also from a workout DVD.



Some customers have gone through the trouble of stating that there might be some other models on the market that are better. On the other hand, other individuals have stated that it is excellent for beginners, as it might be a little too soft for advanced users. Nevertheless, the model’s gathered good customer reviews, as it is relatively well known for adding extra resistance to any user’s strength level.


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Benefits Explained

Getting a good power ring for less than fifty bucks can be quite an endeavor, but buying one from Amazon will automatically allow users to benefit from flexibility, the return policy of the online retailer’s system as well as sale discounts. For example, this model can be found for as little as thirty dollars, depending on the internet marketplace you choose for your purchase.


This pilates ring can be used for a large variety of activities, from toning one’s core to improving strength and resistance. Unlike other models in the same line, it is made of a good combination between foam and metal, which partly contributes to it being considerably more durable than other products and partly makes it very easy to use.


While some customers have emphasized that they have experienced no issue with this unit, others state that it might be destined for beginners. Either way, it sure wouldn’t hurt having a look at this model, as it’s widely acclaimed and has even been featured on Martha Stewart’s show.


During our research, we have come across a customer review belonging to a 50-year old male buyer, who is in no means willing to test his abilities even more. This person claims that the unit is great for older beginners, as it comes with the previously mentioned DVD which can help anyone take up pilates in a matter of a couple of days. Being a happy user, he took the time to provide a positive rating, as he seems to be very pleased with the effect the activity has on his muscles.


This is one of the best pilates rings from Gaiam, particularly if you’re looking for a kit containing an instructional DVD. Unlike other models that don’t actively train the user, this one not only assists him or her in getting the job done but also gives a helping hand to first-time users.



Gaiam Pilates toning ring kit reviews highly recommend the unit for beginners and rookies, so it wouldn’t hurt it a shot.


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