Garmin RV 660LMT Review


1.2 Garmin RV 660LMT


RV GPS unit from Garmin comes with a 6 inch color display that is designed to be easy to read in almost any lighting.

The 660LMT comes with plenty of functions so you can make the most out of your trip, including a list of RV friendly amenities.

Since you can customize the GPS unit to your vehicle’s specifications you never have to worry about getting stuck on narrow roads or under low hanging bridges.

You will also appreciate the warning system that will alert you if there are sharp turns up ahead or any other issues that might affect your intended route.




Even though this RV GPS unit can be paired with a compatible backup camera it does not come with one. While this does not affect the overall performance of the device it can be an added expense some consumers are not ready for.

There have been several remarks concerning the accuracy of the navigational system. These issues, including the lack of available maps for parts of some states has been corrected by Garmin and all of the necessary updates are now available for consumers to take advantage of.


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Main features explained


One of the best aspects of the 660LMT from Garmin is its 6 inch color display. It is designed to be easy to read in any lighting, so you can see your intended route at a glance. It comes with touchscreen functionality so you can easily navigate the menu. The screen can also be split in two so you can answer or ignore calls without losing the map.

1.1 Garmin RV 660LMT

As you are scrolling through the menu you might be surprised at the number of included functions, all designed to help you make the most out of your trip and get to your destination safely. You have instant access to a complete list of RV friendly parks and services, and you can even program it to only display the ones that meet your requirements. You will also find a list of nearby points of interest so you won’t miss out on all of the sights and attractions along the way.


You will appreciate the added sense of safety you get being able to customize the GPS to your vehicle’s exact specifications. Simply enter in the height, weight and length of the RV and the mapping system will display the best route for you to take. This way you can avoid low bridges and narrow roads, along with any other places that might not be designed to allow larger vehicles to safely pass through.


Sometimes unexpected sharp curves or steep inclines are unavoidable on the intended route, but you will have plenty of warning with this GPS. The 660LMT will alert you if there are any restrictions coming up, along with any changes in elevation that might affect your vehicle’s performance. With the warnings you have plenty of time to find an alternative route or prepare yourself for the road up head.


Buy from for ($247.01)