GreenWorks 27032 Edger Review


Most Appreciated Lawn Edger from GreenWorks


1.2 Green Works 2703212Benefits

The device comes with a very powerful motor.

The auxiliary handle is adjustable.

The cord lock characteristic makes it impossible for the edger to disconnect.

GreenWorks 27032 edger reviews speak highly of its speed and performance.

GreenWorks customer support and warranty info make this item hard to say no to.



Some buyers have mentioned that the model does not come with the two blades that are supposed to be in the pack. Nevertheless, the same individuals claim even a single blade does the job properly in the case of this lawn edger. Other folks were bothered by the lack of a metal edge next to the blade. According to these people, this addition would have guided the blade better, particularly when it’s close to the concrete.


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Benefits Explained

  • The 12-amp motor is probably the most acclaimed feature of this lawn edger. Not only does it offer impressive performance thanks to the engine, but it also does a great job at what it’s supposed to do, on account of its 7.5-inch double edged blade. It appears that this type of blade largely contributes to the item long lastingness.

1.Green Works 2703212

  • It’s pretty complicated to ask kids or seniors to use lawn edgers, particularly since they’re not destined to fit their size. Yet that’s all taken care of by this particular product, considering the fact that it comes with an adjustable handle, which allows users to better control the device and to feel comfortable while doing so.


  • Corded edgers might not be the right choice for some people, but the lock of this one makes it practically impossible for it to ever get disconnected. The cord lock is integrated in the entire system.


  • Judging by the number of positive reviews that this item has gathered over time, it’s considered to be the best lawn edger from GreenWorks. More than 90 people felt compelled to take the time and write a 5-star rating. People say that the GreenWorks 27032 corded edger is fast, strong and capable.


  • The manufacturers are offering a 4-year warranty on this product. As if that weren’t enough, GreenWorks has a withstanding reputation in the area of customer support and is known to solve the issues of buyers in a timely manner. Some buyers have even stated that the assembly takes little to no time. If you’re looking for quality at an affordable price, just have a look at any device manufactured by GreenWorks.



This seems to be the best corded lawn edger for the money. It’s gathered the appreciation of many customers in the United States and is very light and easy to use at the same time. It works well and does its job fast, and does not require the use of messy gas. Choosing electronic devices is, after all, a way of protecting the environment, particularly if you’re all in for getting your lawn in a perfect shape.

Some buyers have even went as far as stating that this edger has the performance of its gas-powered counterparts.


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