Grizzly G0452Z Review


Top rated jointer from Grizzly

1.1 Grizzly G0452Z


Main advantage

As the best Grizzly jointer you can expect plenty of power, innovative features, and a convenient , easy to use design. This jointer is capable of delivering precise and accurate cuts on a variety of materials so you can create stunning projects quickly and easily.


Main disadvantage

The main disadvantage associated with this jointer is that it can be damaged during shipping, which can be frustrating if you need it to finish a project. This issue can be resolved by contacting customer service and having the broken parts replaced free of charge.


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Main features explained


Mobile base

As stated in the best jointer reviews the Grizzly G0452Z comes with a sturdy base that will provide plenty of stability when you are working. The wheeled bottom makes it easy to move the jointer to the project, and it can be locked into place when you are ready to start cutting. It also comes with a convenient dust collector that keeps dirt and debris from getting on the floor or project, and makes cleaning up afterwards quick and easy.

1.2 Grizzly G0452Z



You need plenty of power when you are working with different woods, and the G0452Z comes with a durable, high performance motor. With 1.5 HP you won’t have any problems making cuts in hard wood, and the motor is also compatible with standard 110V and 120V outlets. Plug it in at home or at the shop for dependable and precise cuts. It is capable of making cuts up to 6 inches wide and 1/8 inches deep.


Ease of use

When you are trying to finish a project the last thing you want to worry about is making complicated adjustments or trying to accurately set the controls. This is not an issue with this jointer from Grizzly. The fence is designed to be easy to adjust, and will make stops at 45 and 90 degrees. You can also adjust the cast iron fence with the convenient access switch that comes with a key that can be removed for safety.



This jointer is designed to provide you with a reliable performance for years. The metal base and cabinet are designed for stability, and to prevent dust and debris from getting into the motor. The cast iron fence won’t easily bend or come out of alignment, and the spiral cutting head comes with strong inserts constructed from carbide.



If you are looking for a durable and slightly more affordable jointer than the G0452Z might be exactly what you are looking for. It features a sturdy construction, powerful 1.5 horsepower motor, and a convenient base that makes it easy to move the jointer around the shop. Since safety is also a concern the base can be easily locked into place, and the removable key ensures that the fence cannot slip out of place once it is set. Easily complete projects without any fuss or hassles with this model from Grizzly.


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