How to choose the best convertible car seat


Get the best convertible car seat in 2018


Becoming a parent means taking on new responsibilities, close related to the little one’s safety and security. There are times where you have to take the child with you from one place to another and so you have to make your car safe. This is why so many American parents are going through some of the most popular convertible car seats in 2018 in order to find the ideal one, designed with durable materials. Today, finding a reliable convertible car seat may prove to be quite a challenge given the wide range of products available on the market. How can you find the best child safety equipment from this particular segment? Well, there are a couple of things to consider when you are out shopping for a professional model.

Only by reading some of the present best convertible car seats reviews will you be able to end up with a reliable model, capable of protecting the little one every moment of the ride. As you know in over 50 states installing a car seat is mandatory by law, especially if he or she is at least 7 years old. In 2009 alone there were 179.000 children injured in various auto accidents and unfortunately 1000 died. So, you understand full well the importance of investing in a professional car seat. How to choose the best convertible car seat? Today there are three types of car seats currently available on the market: infant car seats, convertible car seats and belt positioning booster seats. The baby car seats can accommodate children from 22 to 35 pounds, still after going over the limit there is need for a convertible seat. Advanced convertible car seats can function as both rear-facing seats for toddlers and seats. You should also know that the car seat was designed in order to hold by up to 40 pounds in rear-facing and by up to 70 pounds forward-facing.

Choose a reliable car seat that has a certificate from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In addition try to look for a convertible car seat that includes LATCH system which helps parents install the device easy and without problems. Secure the seat in the vehicle and drive without worries knowing that the little one is safe and far from dangers. Upon reviewing some of the current top rated convertible car seats we managed to pick out a few that might interest you.


Chicco NextFit convertible car seat


How to choose the best convertible car seatYou now know how to choose the best convertible car seat and to this end you should learn more about Chicco NextFit. This model is very popular in the United States of America, parents using it with confidence. It features ReclineSure 9 position levelling system that maintains advanced recline options, letting you install the model in the vehicle. You should also know that the convertible car seat incorporates exclusive SuperCinch LATCH Tightener. This model uses advanced force-multiplying technology in order to achieve a secure fit without getting tired. Furthermore the car seat comes with 2 RideRight bubble levels that safely indicate the correct seat angle in forward-facing and rear-facing modes.

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Diono RadianRXT convertible car seat


The time has to choose one of the best convertible car seats in 2018 from Diono: RadianRXT, a model that can safely protects the child, during every moment of the drive. This model comes with a steel frame that makes it one of the safest models out there. In rear facing position children from 5 to 45 pounds will be safe and in forward facing 20 to 80 pounds and by up to 57 inches tall, due to the safe 5 point harness system. You should also know that the convertible car seat is lined with advanced EPS foam and energy absorbing harness system, for additional safety.

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