How to choose the best juicer


Get the best juicer in 2018


More and more people are searching for a powerful juicer capable of preparing delicious and healthy drinks. Diving in the most popular juicers in 2018 seems like the proper way to go about the situation and ultimately find a great model. Fortunately the market is more than generous when it comes to juicers, which can fit any budget. So, if you are shopping for a brand new product then relax because there is one waiting for you. Today, by using a professional juicer you will be able to obtain nutrient rich juice from any type of fruit and vegetables. Now, that sounds pretty great no, or should we say delicious? In the following rows, we are going to emphasize more on what makes a great juicer great and how can you recognize it from a row of models.

It is important to read some of the best juicers reviews, drafted by cooks and American housewives which can help you narrow things down. Now, there are juicers that use centrifugal, citrus press and also masticating systems in order to extract fiber, nutrients and minerals from fruits and vegetables with ease. Each of these types of juicers can help you prepare delicious and healthy drinks, worth sharing with family and friends. As you probably are aware by now, centrifugal juicers are common and used with confidence by thousands of people. The produce is pushed with precision down a chute and ultimately in a spinning basket. Furthermore the base of the basket comes with tiny teeth that safely grind the fruit and vegetables in a soft and tasty mush. Due to the advanced centrifugal force, the juice is kept juicy and delicious. Furthermore the dry pulp goes through the top of the basket and ultimately directed in a pulp dispenser and ultimately ends up in a waiting cup, ready to be used.

Another juicer type is masticating or chewing. This particular masticating juicer has a produce pushed down a chute and afterwards in a slow-moving screw blade, which is powered by a strong RPM high torque motor. The two screws work in parallel and chew the food in a mush, squeezing the juice in a pulp. Citrus presses are very easy to use with a clean working pattern. Upon reviewing some of the top rated juicers of all types, we made some recommendations worthy of considering head on with no restrictions whatsoever.


Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite juicer


How to choose the best juicerHow to choose the best juicer? Well, there are many things to consider but one model in particular deserves your attention Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite, a powerful juicer that can help you prepare delicious drinks every time you want. It comes with a heavy-duty 1000 watt motor which can reach speeds from low (6.500 RPM) to high (13.000 RPM), needed for harder fruits and various vegetables. The juicer includes an extra-wide feed chute where you can place large fruits and different types of vegetables, with no cutting or preparation in advance. In addition, Fountain Elite features patented direct central feed system for precise juice extraction.

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Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer


When it comes to powerful juicers, one model comes to mind, designed to fully prepare delicious drinks. You have the possibility to use one of the best juicers in 2018 from Omega, J8006 Nutrition Center which uses a masticating method to prepare delicious juice out of fruits and vegetables as well. The juicer processes food at 80 RPM but other models process at speeds from 1650 to 15.000 RPM. Still, you need to know that the low speed ensures and maintains healthy enzymes and precisely prevents oxidation. You have the possibility to use the nutrition center in order to turn nuts into healthy nut butters.

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