HP X4000b Bluetooth Mouse Review


Most Appreciated Bluetooth Mouse from HP


1. HP x4000b Bluetooth MouseBenefits

This is a reliable wireless mouse that can be bought for an affordable price.

The design of the product makes it very easy to adjust to any user’s hand.

It automatically detects the device it needs to connect to.

It works with 2 AA batteries.

The mouse turns itself off when it is not being used.



The scroll wheel might be more difficult to roll for some individuals, but most users have not encountered this issue. This unfortunate detail has been pointed out by a single customer. This buyer has not, however, expressed any regret after buying the model and considered it to be an unfortunate manufacturing glitch.

Be advised that this is not a travel/mini Bluetooth mouse, which means that it comes with the classic shape and size of a traditional one.


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Benefits Explained

There are many people out there that claim this is the best Bluetooth mouse from HP. That comes as no surprise, since it works flawlessly and its Bluetooth connection is praised by many buyers all over the world. The fact that it can be bought for less than $35 is also a great plus, considering the wireless connectiviy is top-notch..

2. HP x4000b Bluetooth Mouse

As previously mentioned, this is not a mini Bluetooth mouse, so if you are looking for a smaller-sized device you might need to look elsewhere. Contrary to the general belief, people often prefer to get a hold on a regular-sized mouse, as the hand grip is far more precise.


According to the HP X4000b Bluetooth mouse reviews we’ve come across, this mouse can automatically connect to any device, be it a tablet or a laptop. This gets rid of the installation hassle which might be off-putting for some individuals.


Aside from the fact that the Bluetooth technology replaces the USB connection and thus helps users spare a USB port, there’s yet another noteworthy advantage to buying this product. It works with 2 AA batteries which can be bought at any convenience store from any state.


If have been looking for the best laser Bluetooth mouse but would enjoy picking a rather economical model, the HP X4000b is definitely the one for you. The manufacturers state that the two aforementioned AA batteries can last up to 9 months of use. This is made possible by the energy efficiency feature of this model, which makes the mouse shut down while it is not in use.



This is a dependable Bluetooth mouse that can be shipped within U.S. territory. It is a regular size mouse, it’s easy to connect to any device, be it mobile or not, and it works with traditional AA batteries. It is energy efficient and offers decent Bluetooth connectivity ensured by the laser sensor technology it comes with. The device works with Bluetooth enabled computers, regardless of their operating systems.

HP is one of the largest manufacturers of computers and accessories and the brand is known worldwide for its high-quality products.

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