JBL SP6Cll In-Ceiling Speaker Review


Top Rated Ceiling Speakers from JBL


1.JBL SP6Cll In-Ceiling Speaker- SPR 3topBenefits

According to the JBL SP6Cll in-ceiling speaker reviews it is capable of producing high quality sounds.

With its ability to reduce annoying distortion, it is easy to see why it is considered the best ceiling speakers from JBL.

These 2-way in-ceiling speakers can be easily used in new or older constructions.

You have the advantage of being able to match these in-ceiling speakers to any existing décor.



Some consumers have mentioned that it can be difficult to remove the grill from the speaker, but this can be resolved by using a small screwdriver instead of your fingers.


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Benefits Explained

  • These in-ceiling speakers are designed to produce powerful, high quality sound. You can enjoy a variety of different musical styles with every tone crystal clear. The tweeter is laminated in titanium for sharp high frequency tones, and the woofer is designed to produce tight sounding bass that is never distorted or “fuzzy”. These 2-way speakers also feature a broad frequency range of 40 Hz to 20 kHz.

2.JBL SP6Cll In-Ceiling Speaker- SPR 3top

  • You will love being able to listen to your music, movies, and TV shows at almost any volume, without having to deal with annoying distortion. The rubber surround on the woofer ensures that the bass notes are tight and sharp, which is always an advantage when you are planning to listen to music for an extended length of time. This also lets you turn the volume up without comprising sound quality.


  • One of the advantages to these in-ceiling speakers is how easy it is to install. There are additional frames that can be quickly snapped together so the speakers can be easily installed during the construction of your new home, and older houses can take advantage of the included dog ear brackets. These make it easy to install the speakers without damaging older ceilings. Perfect for upgrading older stereo systems or as an added bonus in your new home, you will love how sharp and clear your music sounds with these in-ceiling speakers.


  • You also have the advantage of being able to match these speakers to the existing décor in your home, which is always an advantage when they are installed in your ceiling. The grill can be removed with a small screwdriver and painted to match the color of the room. The faceplates on the speakers can also be painted to ensure everything blends in beautifully. Paint the grill and faceplate the same color as the ceiling, or choose a different shade to give the room an attractive splash of color.


These in-ceiling speakers are designed to give you a high quality listening experience at an affordable price. The speakers are easy to install in new or older homes, and feature a wide frequency range so you can enjoy a variety of different music styles. These in-ceiling speakers can also be painted to match the color of the ceiling, and you will also appreciate how easy it is to connect the wires to your existing stereo system.


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