Learn All You Need to Know about a RV GPS

Purchasing a new RV GPS unit might look like a daunting task. If you are having trouble separating the wheat from the chaff, we are here to help. The market is overflowing with high-quality products nowadays, so it might be difficult for you to understand which one you should pick.

We have put together a short list of the best pieces of advice you should consider before deciding on a model. Just remember, correlating your requirements with the characteristics of the device you intend to purchase is the best way of getting the right product. Also, if your time allows it, make sure to do a little bit of research and read some consumer reviews along the buying process.





What makes the best RV GPS for your needs and preferences

First of all, we’ll start by letting you know that there’s no right and wrong in choosing an RV GPS. Occasionally, it is a matter of trial and error, and other times you might find that a model you dislike might be the right one for another user.

Getting the unit you have been looking for should occur after you have considered three main aspects. If you are a tech aficionado, you might be interested in getting the latest in the field. This includes units that have all the features one might ever be looking for.

On the other hand, most of the consumers generally base their decision on a combination of the budget they have and the functions of the device. Sticking to a budget is a good idea, as you won’t feel tempted to overdo it. Furthermore, you may find that you’re prone to using several functions more often than others, which is why, in the end, you might require a simple model that gets the job done.

The last aspect of getting a new unit addresses those buyers who aren’t willing to spend an extra dollar, regardless of what they might be getting for the money. You know it, we know it, they exist. Since cheap isn’t synonymous with well-built or high quality, you might need to spend long hours doing your homework before you eventually purchase a good RV GPS.



Consider memory capacity

People will tell you that some of the most important features of an RV GPS are a large display, custom routing, custom points, and RV-specific tools and checklist. Few individuals will tell you to look for memory capacity, but it’s a crucial thing to take into account. The most basic models we have come across come with a limited memory that allows you to visualize a set of pre-loaded GPS maps.

Nowadays, it might be a good idea to go for a unit that has an SD or microSD slot, as this will allow you to update and load new maps and additional points of interest. The main advantage of getting a unit with an SD card memory expansion is that these types of cards are somewhat inexpensive. Fortunately, this is a characteristic that belongs to many models out there today.





Text to speech

Keeping your eyes on the road is a golden rule when driving any car, and even more so when driving an RV. Therefore, you’ll need to look for a unit that has text-to-speech. This means that the model will guide you with the help of audio notifications.

Live traffic service is another detail to consider, but you’ll have to pay more money for it. Let’s say you’re passing through a town where there’s a blocked freeway. Instead of going over there and having to turn around and change your route, you’ll know beforehand and thus, be able to avoid getting stuck in traffic.



MP3 and Bluetooth enabled

The ability to play MP3 files is a rather recent addition to RV GPSs. Some say it’s not mandatory, but we believe it all depends on what you’re looking to get from a unit. Playing your favorite music or an audiobook using the GPS speakers might not be the best bet you make, as you need to understand that the model has not been primarily designed for music.

The neat thing about modern units is that they can be connected to the sound system of the RV or car, therefore allowing you to hear the audio notifications and music at a much higher volume compared to what you would have experienced using the GPS speakers.

Bluetooth enablement will allow you to make use of your mobile phone. In this sense, you’ll be able to use your GPS system to answer to calls.