Learn All You Need to Know about Electric Brooms

Want to buy a new electric broom but you’re feeling a little puzzled as to which features are a must and which you can do without? If that’s the case, you have come to the right place. We’ve put together a short buying guide to help you understand just what makes a good electric broom. Just remember, getting the right product is often a matter of personal preferences, so be sure to correlate the specs with your needs.

Here’s what you should consider when buying a new electric broom.


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Probably the most important reason to look for an electric sweeper is that it’s relatively lightweight and easy to use. Therefore, this one of the most important details of the product design. Nothing beats a maneuverable design, particularly when it comes to a broom that can go into narrow spaces.

When starting to prospect the market, you should take into account the fact that electric sweepers were not primarily designed to clean entire rooms or your entire house, so they may feature a smaller head size compared to the one in traditional upright vacuums.

If you’re looking for something that’s powerful enough to allow you to vacuum the floors in your whole house, you’re probably searching for a vacuum cleaner and not an electric broom.



Power source

There’s a myriad of corded and cordless electric sweepers on the market today, so which one should you pick? Portability is the most important advantage of a cordless model, but you should think about its battery life. Most of the models we have come across aren’t capable of lasting for more than thirty to forty minutes, and others feature a runtime of around fifteen minutes. If you only require an electric broom for the occasional spill, a cordless unit might be the answer.

On the other hand, if you’d like to clean a larger surface with your electric broom, it might be a good idea to go for corded, even though some people say it’s less versatile and convenient.



Additional features

Another thing to consider when analyzing your available options is the number of provided attachments and the actual capabilities of the product you intend on buying. Is the broom able to clean both hard floors and carpeted areas? Will you be able to use it for upholstery and curtains? Do you need it to be so versatile or are you looking for a more basic model? You need to write down the answers to all these questions and only then make up your mind on a model.

As for the number of attachments provided by the manufacturer, the rule is rather straightforward: the more they are, the better. A hose can allow you to reach distant places, while dust brushes can do wonders when it comes to cleaning hard surfaces. Crevice tools can remove crumbs, and a specially designed upholstery tool will do the trick for your furniture.


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The price of electric brooms can vary greatly depending on the brand that’s producing them, on the quality of build, and even on the country of origin. You’ll find that the most affordable models can often be bought for as little as thirty to forty dollars, while more expensive units can cost as much as seventy or more.




As is the case with any other product you might ever feel tempted to buy online, reading several consumer reviews should play a significant role in your preliminary research. Unfortunately, going through the user reviews takes time and effort, and you won’t be able to read them all. Even so, we strongly advise you to read at least five to ten reviews of each rating.

The buyers who awarded the item a 5-star rating will virtually have nothing bad to say about it, but there are some individuals who purchased it and perhaps were not as impressed. Negative reviews are golden when it comes to finding out about performance, capabilities, convenience, and durability, and even about the way the manufacturing brand treats its customers.



Brand, country of origin, and warranty

The name of the brand doesn’t mean that much when it comes to getting the right electric broom. However, some of the manufacturers are more respected than others, mostly because they offer a decent customer service. If possible, try to stick to appliances manufactured in the United States or Europe, as they’re generally thought of as being more well-built.

As for warranty, don’t let anyone tell you that it doesn’t matter. The model of your choice should be backed by a minimum of a 1-year warranty.