Learn All You Need to Know About Foot Spas

Whether you sit at desk or stand all day your feet need a little care and attention. A foot spa can relax and soothe tired, aching feet, and help you feel reenergized and rejuvenated. While you can go to a salon, it is possible to enjoy a soothing foot spa at home and the helpful tips included in this guide will walk you through all of the steps.


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How to use a foot spa at home

You can use a manufacturer’s foot spa or make one out of a few items you probably already have in your home, but regardless of how you are going to soak your feet there are a few steps you should follow for the best results.


Toenail care

Before soaking your feet in warm water, it is important to take a few minutes and do a little trimming and maintenance. Any polish should be removed, and nails trimmed and filed down to a short, rounded shape. A cuticle cream can also be used, if you think this is necessary.



If you are using an electric foot spa it is important to make sure that it is placed on the floor to prevent any spills, and many experts recommend setting it on a waterproof mat. You also want to make sure that the outlet it is plugged into is close enough to prevent the cord from accidently being yanked out. The electric foot spa should also be placed away from any heat sources, and have plenty of room for ventilation.

To make your own foot spa you will need a large plastic bowl, which can be placed on a mat or in the bathtub for easy filling. The bowl should be large enough to fit one foot comfortably, and deep enough to cover it completely with warm water. Regardless of the type of foot spa you are using, you do want to make sure there is a comfortable place for you to sit and relax.


Set up

Homemade and manufactured foot spas are both easy and convenient to set up. While it is necessary for you to heat the water for homemade foot bath, both types require you to fill it to a specific level. Electric foot spas generally have the maximum water level clearly marked, while with a bowl it is usually an educated guess.

This is also when you can add any soothing or relaxing scents to the water, though you do want to read the instructional manual carefully with manufactured foot baths to ensure that it won’t damage the motor or heating element. Some of the popular scents include lavender or sandalwood, but there are several other fragrant oils to choose from.



Once the water is added and you have selected the right settings on an electric model it is time to sit back and enjoy the soothing warm water. One of the advantages to using a manufactured foot spa is the extra functions that come with many of these models. Massaging balls on the bottom can invigorate tired feet, along with soothing bubbles. Some even offer a detoxifying function that can improve the look and health of your feet. If you are using an electric foot spa, it is important to remember to unplug the device before you place your wet feet on the floor.


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Foot care

If you want soft and sandal ready feet it is important to exfoliate, and this is the perfect time to remove hard, dry patches of skin. Since the warm water has already softened the skin, it is easier to remove with a file or pumice stone. Once you have finished, simply rinse your feet off and towel dry. Applying moisturizer will keep skin soft and supple, and this is also the perfect time to paint your nails your favorite color.


Clean up

Cleaning up after a foot spa is quick and easy, whether it is a bowl or electric model. A plastic bowl can easily be washed and dried, and placed in a cabinet until you are ready to treat yourself again. An electric foot spa is also easy to maintain, though it is extremely important to make sure that it is thoroughly dried to prevent harmful bacteria and mold from forming.



Along with keeping the foot spa clean and free from harmful bacteria, there are a few other safety issues that you should be aware off. If you have diabetes, varicose veins, or poor circulation it is important to speak with a health care professional before using a foot bath. You should also avoid using a foot spa if you have open cuts or sores since it can easily become infected.