Learn all You Need to Know About Men’s Cologne

Choosing the perfect cologne can be challenging especially when you consider all of the available options. Every season sees the appearance of several new colognes, all designed to make you smell irresistible. The right men’s fragrance can help you make a great impression, while the wrong one can turn out to be a serious fashion faux-pas. In this guide you will find informative tips that will help you choose the perfect men’s cologne, and avoid a potentially expensive and smelly mistake.

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How to choose the perfect men’s cologne

Since the majority of men are not comfortable standing around a fragrance counter sniffing all of the available options, it is a good idea to become familiar with some of the possible choices. This can dramatically shorten the amount of time spent in the store, while still ensuring that you purchase a scent that fits your personal style.


Know the categories

Men’s colognes are generally classified as green, spicy or citrus. Spicy scents often have notes of leather and other warm scents. Perfect for evenings and as a signature scent, some of the more popular men’s colognes can be found in this category. Green scents are fresh, clean and often lighter, which makes these types of fragrances ideal for casual occasions and summer days. Men’s colognes with citrus notes are also fresh scented, and many of these fragrances often include refreshing hints of open water. Tangerine and lemon notes are commonly found in these colognes, which are also ideal for almost any occasion.


Narrowing your options

Choosing a cologne that fits your personality and style is important when you are trying to find the perfect men’s fragrance, and once you have narrowed down the categories it will be easier to find the right one. While some scents are easy to place with the right personality, others can be a little more difficult.

If you enjoy being outdoors and can often be found in jeans and t-shirts, a citrus fragrance might be a better choice for you. Fresh smelling colognes work well when paired with a high fashion suit, and can also be the perfect choice for sailing enthusiasts. Men who enjoy wearing well tailored suits often find that spicy colognes fit them best. While there aren’t any set rules to choosing the perfect men’s cologne, these guidelines can help you narrow down your choices and find one that fits your unique style.


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Try it on

Don’t be afraid to try a cologne on in the store and take a couple of samples home to try on later. Your tastes can frequently change between the store and your house, which is often due to sniffing too many samples at the counter. Once you are home you can try the cologne on without any interference from other scents. To prevent the scents from co-mingling and to keep yourself from going “nose blind”, it is a good idea to limit your possible choices to three or four possibilities. Taking the time to try the cologne at home for a day or so can also prevent you from making an expensive mistake.



Another reason to take some cologne samples home with you is to give the fragrance time to truly develop. Most fragrances need 15 minutes or so to react with your skin before you will be able to tell what it really smells like. Waiting to make your final choice also lets you know the strength and longevity of the cologne, which will often affect your decision. Some men’s fragrances that seemed to be weak may actually become overpowering once it has fully developed. This can be especially true with spicy scents which can become stronger over time.



After you have familiarized yourself with the different categories and narrowed down your possible choices to a manageable two or three it is time to make your final decision. This will often come down to your budget and what you can comfortably afford, and it should be noted that men’s colognes can vary dramatically in price. The size of the bottle and ingredients use to achieve the scent will affect its cost, along with the name of the manufacturer. While it is possible to find extremely affordable men’s colognes, many of the less expensive fragrances are not able to project its scent or last for any significant amount of time.

If you plan on making it your signature scent or need to make the right impression it might be better to purchases a well known men’s cologne than making the mistake of trying to save money on a less expensive imposter.