LG Electronics 55EG9100 Review

What OLED TV from LG to Choose?

1.1 LG Electronics 55EG9100

Main advantage

The best OLED TV reviews state that the 55EG9100 is capable of displaying amazing picture quality, with plenty of contrast for bright colors and rich details. To provide you with a truly enjoyable viewing experience this 55 inch TV also comes with LG’s outstanding sound system. The sleek design looks great in any room, and the 55 inch screen is perfect for smaller spaces.


Main disadvantage

Periodically there can be issues with picture quality, and while this rarely occurs in most cases the TV can be returned for repairs or replaced with a new model from LG without any hassles or problems.


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Main features explained



The main reason this is considered the best OLED TV from LG is its outstanding picture quality. The pixels are self lighting to provide you with unlimited levels of contrast so colors are bold and realistic, and details sharply defined. The black background also ensures that every color pops off of the 55 inch screen for a truly impressive viewing experience.

1.2 LG Electronics 55EG9100


One of the advantages of OLED technology is that it allows TVs to be thinner, sleeker, and extremely lightweight. The 55EG9100 takes advantage of this to give you a TV that looks great in any home. Its lightweight design makes it easy to mount on the wall, and it can also be set in a stand and place on a desk or table.


Multiple viewing angles

The curved design of the 55EG9100 not only looks elegant, it also provides you with multiple viewing angles. The OLED technology ensures that the picture quality remains the same from any angle, so you can sit anywhere in the room and still see a high quality image. This also gives you more options when it comes to placing your TV.



Along with providing you with an exceptional picture this LG OLED TV also comes with “smart”  capabilities. The included webOS will walk you through the easy setup steps so you can find even more entertaining content to watch. See movies and shows online, and even find music and games. Once this TV is connect online there is almost no limit to your viewing options. To make the most out of your experience 55EG9100 also comes with LG speakers so your shows and movies sound as good as they appear on the 55 inch screen.



If you live in a smaller house and still want to enjoy all of the advantages of an OLED TV the 55EG9100 from LG might be exactly what you are looking for. It comes with a 55 inch curved screen that will provide you with multiple viewing angles, and OLED technology that ensures high picture quality. The pixels are self lighting so blacks are deeper and richer, which provides multiple levels of contrast. Details appear clear and colors brighter even close to the screen, and he smart TV capabilities are easy to set up and will provide you with plenty of entertaining viewing options.


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