LG Electronics 65EG9600 Review


Top Rated OLED TV from LG


1.1 LG Electronics 65EG9600

Main advantage

As stated in the best OLED TV reviews the 65EG9600 is capable of providing you with a crisp, clear picture from any angle. Colors are rich and vivid and details are sharp and clear, even close up thanks to the 4k technology. You can enjoy more entertaining content with the “smart” capabilities, and with a 65 inch viewing screen it is the perfect choice for larger rooms.


Main disadvantage

Some consumers have noted that the motion clarity on this OLED TV may not be able to keep up with some of the graphic intense, high action games. While this can be frustrating for avid gamers as technology keeps improving so will the TV’s capabilities. Some issues can be resolved with a simple fix, and customer service can answer any questions you might have.


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Main features explained



The design is one of the reasons this is considered the best 4k OLED TV. It’s thin and sleek design give it an elegant appeal, along with the curved sides. It is also lightweight for easy mounting on the wall, and its stylish design also looks great sitting on a desk or table.

1.2 LG Electronics 65EG9600

Wide viewing angle

The curved design not only looks great, it also improves picture quality for every viewing angle. Now you can see the same clear details and bright colors from any place in the room. Sit in the middle or off to the side and still enjoy a high quality picture.



You never want to buy a TV that doesn’t have a great picture, and that will never be a problem with the 65EG9600 from LG. It comes with 4k technology that ensures every image is sharp and clear, even if you are standing next to the screen.  To further enhance picture quality you also have the advantage of the pixels that light automatically. This will provide you with deep blacks for incredible contrast capabilities that bring details to life. This also allows colors to pop off of the screen, and appear brighter and true to life.


Smart TV

This OLED TV from LG also comes with “smart” capabilities, which provide you with even more entertainment options. It comes with LG webOS and it will guide you through the simple setup steps so you can browse through movies and shows online, along with games and music. To ensure all of your devices can be connected to the TV there are three HDMI outlets conveniently located on the back.



If you have a large room and need a TV that is big enough for everyone to see, you might want to look at the 65 inch 65EG9600 from LG. This OLED TV is capable of producing a picture with four times the definition thanks to the 4k technology, which means every image is crystal clear. You also have the advantage of the OLED technology which gives it a slim, lightweight design that looks great on a table or mounted on the wall.


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