LG Electronics LAS350B Review

1.1 LG Electronics LAS350B



Comes with all the hardware you may need

This sound bar not only comes with a subwoofer but it also gives a hand to users who might not be so tech-savvy and thus, struggle with the installation process. The product can be mounted below or above the TV and the main advantage of purchasing this option is that the package includes all the necessary accessories. All the hardware that is needed to set up the sound bar system is part of the deal with this one.


Say “Hello!” to Bluetooth streaming

In spite of the fact that the sound bar does not come with a wireless subwoofer, the model does support Bluetooth streaming and therefore allows buyers to take advantage of their Wireless connectivity. As such, owners can stream music and other types of media content from their smartphone or tablets and listen to the audio using the sound bar. Furthermore, if you own an LG HDTV, you can connect it to the sound bar by relying on the wireless connectivity. All of this makes it possible for audiophiles to avoid glancing at any cable clutter.


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Excellent sonic power

It’s really no wonder that LG Electronics is one of the most world-known brands in the industry of audio and video equipment. This manufacturer has a long history of building top-notch products that are able to take the viewers’ and listeners’ experience to a whole new level. The same applies in the case of the LAS350B, which seems to have been specially designed to impart unparalleled audio quality. Since this is a 2.1-channel alternative, it’s the top recommended choice of audiophiles who own 40-inch TVs.

1.2 LG Electronics LAS350B

A reasonably priced alternative

Sound bars aren’t the cheapest thing in the world. Even so, they’re worth every penny, as often times buyers aren’t interested in purchasing a high-end home theater system that almost does the same thing as a compact device such as the sound bar. This product was built with the consumer in mind, which is why it can be bought for a very reasonable price, regardless of the online marketplace you will choose for your purchase. Since the option was released in 2015, it is considerably more affordable compared to newer versions of the same product.


Great value

While analyzing the LG LAS350B, we couldn’t help noticing the immense degree of appreciation it has gathered over time. Most of the people who took the time to provide ratings were very keen on emphasizing the value offered by this sound bar. The quality of the audio seems to be comparable with the one provided by various competitors, such as Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic. In the end, there were many buyers who chose the LG LAS350B over other options as it comes with a plethora of sound effects, is very easy to install, and is a net winner when it comes to sound quality.




The subwoofer doesn’t raise to par when it comes to giving very heavy bass.



Our verdict

If you’ve been looking for an affordable and rather basic sound bar that gets the job done and manages to significantly improve the sound of movies and music, the LG LAS350B might do the trick for your needs.


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