LG Electronics LAS551H Review

1.1 LG Electronics LAS551H



Excellent performance

Few 2.1-channel sound bars can raise up to par like the LG Electronics LAS551H. The model meets and even exceeds the expectations of buyers all over the world, most of whom are serious audiophiles. Judging by the length and power output of this alternative, it is best suited for TV sets of which the dimension is 40 inches or more. The core reason you might feel tempted to go for this option is that it can take a movie, a song, or a TV show to a whole new level without the need of too many external speakers. The dedicated subwoofer does its job wonderfully.


Works with all your other devices

Connectivity is a feature to take into account when browsing for a new sound bar. Luckily, there’s nothing stopping you from benefitting from all the connections and cables with the LG Electronics LAS551H, as it supports Bluetooth and thus works with all Wireless-capable devices around your house. Streaming music from your smartphone has never been easier. The same thing can be done from tablets and any other compatible devices you might already be the owner of.


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Doesn’t force you to break the bank

Given that this is a 2015 model, it goes without saying that it’s considerably more affordable compared to 2018 models that have the almost the same features and are just as good. Following our research, we’ve come to know that the product can be purchased for as little as three hundred dollars, which is a reasonable amount of money considering the specs of this model. What’s more, the general opinion on this home audio device seems to be that it offers excellent value for the cost. In other words, if you aren’t prepared to invest a thousand dollars in a sound bar, perhaps you’d want to have a look at the characteristics of this one.

1.2 LG Electronics LAS551H

Can be installed wherever you like

Not only can the sound bar be installed above or below the TV set but also on a wall. In actuality, the main advantage of this option is that the wall mount is included in the package, along the connectors and cables you might require for completing the proper installation. All the mounting hardware is delivered with the sound bar, thus saving you some precious pennies. Furthermore, since the subwoofer is wireless, it doesn’t need any pesky cables at all. Link the LAS551H with any of the available inputs: HDMI, Optical, USB, or 3.5mm.




The input lettering does not disappear once the mode has been selected, and since the letters are very bright, they may bother some viewers.

The Bluetooth range isn’t the best in the world.


Our verdict

The LG LAS551H is a 2.1-channel sound bar that comes with a wireless subwoofer that doesn’t cost a lot of money and that can be installed both quickly and efficiently. The model features a wall mount and the necessary mounting hardware and a variety of useful inputs for connecting other audio and video devices users might already own.


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