Line 6 Relay G30 Wireless Guitar System Review


Top Rated Wireless Guitar System from Line 6



This is a wireless guitar system with encrypted data stream that provides excellent signal protection.

The frequency response of this unit is broad, and the dynamic range is superior.

The unit pack contains a variety of accessories.

This is a lightweight model that can be utilized for avoiding interference.

Line 6 Relay G30 wireless guitar system reviews recommend it for live gigs and not only.



A customer has emphasized that he or she experienced a minor issue related to the wireless signal of the unit. It appears that while in rehearsal, he or she started to surf the web and soon enough, the user came to the conclusion that he or she had lost the signal on the unit. According to this person’s review, surfing the web and using the wireless guitar system makes the two to cancel each other out. Nevertheless, the customer states that he or she is happy with the features of the G30. This issue has not yet been reported by another buyer.


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Benefits Explained

If you’re looking for a system that comes with encrypted data stream, this is the one to get. Signal protection is otherworldly with this model. The relay is capable of broadcasting on six channels at a time.


The Line 6 Relay G30 wireless guitar system features a frequency response between 10 Hz and 20 kHz, which is impressive considering that other models in the same price range usually have frequency responses between 50 Hz and 15 kHz. The dynamic range of this one is 118 dB. The really neat thing about this model is that it comes with a long-lasting battery life, considering that it can be used continuously for up to 8 hours at a time.


The pack offered by the manufacturers includes both the transmitter and the receiver, as well as a wide array of accessories that are, in the end, utmost necessary to any guitarist or bass player: the cable, the power supply and the AA alkaline batteries.


If you’re wondering about portability, we’ll put your mind at ease. The G30 relay weighs in at only 3.8 pounds and measures 10.3 by 12.4 by 3.4 inches. Since avoiding interference is a major issue when utilizing wireless systems, the manufacturing brand has included the 2.4 Ghz broadcast on this one. This helps the unit neutralize the interference created by anything from public safety broadcasts to cell phone towers.


Some of the people who have purchased this model claim that it is the best wireless guitar system from Line 6. Of these, most state that they’ve started using it for rehearsals and live gigs alike, as it meets and exceeds all of their expectations.



It’s difficult to buy an affordable yet high-quality wireless guitar system. If you’re looking for a nice alternative that offers good value for the price, it sure would not hurt to take a peek at this model. It’s convenient and dependable and has gathered some of the best reviews out there.


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