Line 6 Relay G50 Wireless Guitar System Review


What Is the Best Wireless Guitar System from Line 6



This the best wireless guitar system from Line 6 when it comes to sound quality. It can be used for both guitars and basses.

The frequency response of this unit is broad, the dynamic range is outstanding and the batteries last for up to 8 hours.

The model has a cable tone simulation.

This is a lightweight, small-sized wireless guitar system that’s known for its excellent performance.

The unit has gathered the appreciation of many American customers.



The only mention that we have come across is related to the battery compartment of the unit. A single customer has experienced an issue in this sense, which means that he’s expressed his concern about the compartment slightly losing its resilience. According to his review, this happened around a year after his purchase, which is why he needed to use a rubber band around the compartment door to maintain contact. Nevertheless, this was a 4-star review. This problem had nothing to do with the overall quality of the wireless guitar system and was swiftly resolved.


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Benefits Explained

  • When it comes to superior sound, the Line 6 Relay G30 sure takes the cake. The unit is capable of providing a clarity that can only be achieved by only using the top-notch guitar cables on the current market. At distances of up to 200 feet, the model still manages to offer superb high-end sparkles to guitars and booming low-end punches to basses. The zero compression and the full bandwidth of the model stand at the core of its excellent sound.


  • The model has a frequency response between 10 Hz and 20 kHz. The dynamic range can hardly be compared to the one of other models in the line, as it is a superior 120dB. With AA alkaline batteries, the system can be continuously utilized for up to 8 hours.


  • Some guitar players want to use both a cable and a wireless system. Switching from one to the other is quite tricky as the tone settings on the amplifier must be adjusted. The Cable Tone Simulator feature on this model is capable of matching the sound of the cable to the one of the relay.


  • Even if it only weighs 2.2 pounds and measures 10.9 by 12.4 by 3.2 inches, this wireless guitar system with 200-foot range sure packs a punch. The 2.4GHz broadcast makes it possible for the model to avoid any interference created by anything from cell phone towers to TV stations.


  • Line 6 Relay G50 wireless guitar system reviews recommend it as the best unit in the line. Some buyers speak highly of its solid transmitter and fine range. In fact, a number of individuals claim that they’ve taken to using it for gigs and that they’ve never lost a tone with this one.



If you are prospecting the market for new and improved wireless guitar systems, it would not hurt to have a look at this model, as it has incredible sound, outstanding battery life and an amazing frequency response and dynamic range.


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