Manduka Rectangular Lightweight Supportive Yoga Bolster Review


What Is the Best Yoga Bolster from Manduka


3. Manduka RectangularBenefits

This product is as natural as can be, with its exclusive eQua Plus fabric.

The product is undoubtedly the best yoga bolster from Manduka thanks to its use of airCORE™ Technology.

The ultra-soft microfiber cover is easy to maintain.

This product is convenient to carry around and has a lovely finish.

You won’t need a lot of yoga bolster accessories, as this product is perfect for Supportive Yoga practice.



Some users express disappointment in Manduka Rectangular Lightweight Supportive Yoga Bolster reviews for the less-than-firm density of the product, but this observation remains on a subjective basis. Others love it for being not too stiff nor too soft.

One user says this product is a decent substitute for folded wool yoga blankets.

This product is ample for Supportive but not Restorative poses, according to another user.


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Benefits Explained

This product is, according to some users, the best yoga bolster. It now comes with an exclusive eQua Plus fabric, which is infused with recycled coconut shells. This product is as natural as can be, making it a perfect choice for those who choose to live healthy and be healthy. People who want all-natural or organic materials in what they use will appreciate the bolster’s infusion with coconut shells, which endow the product with a soft-to-firm texture and sufficient density for Restorative Yoga practice.

2. Manduka Rectangular

The proprietary airCORE™ Technology used in the manufacture of this rectangular bolster helps the product maintain its straight shape while effectively reducing the weight. The wide and flat surface of the rectangular yoga bolster ensures high stability, with no rolling around during execution of yoga poses. The shape also allows for a deeper bend forwards, along with a more gentle opening of the chest during the exercise.


The extra-soft microfiber cover can be removed to facilitate washing. The cover can be washed in the machine, with no risk of shrinking. It won’t require expensive dry cleaning unlike other brands. The recycled coconut shells used in the construction of the yoga bolster gives some degree of odor protection while plumping up the bolster quite a bit. The recycled coconut shell infusion into the fabric also offers a level of moisture protection to the item.


The Manduka Bolster is constructed with a durable side strap that enables easy and convenient handling. You simply carry it around with you without putting it in a gym bag or using other carrying options. The invisible zipper gives the bolster a virtually seamless construction and a smooth finish on all of the sides. With no zipper to get your garment caught on, the Manduka Rectangular Bolster is easy to carry around anywhere.


For Supportive yoga practice, you won’t need plenty of yoga blankets to be rolled and used anymore, thanks to this yoga bolster that provides the support you need.



With a lighter weight form, the Manduka Rectangular Bolster is convenient to carry around and easy to use. It lets you enjoy the benefits of Supportive Yoga practice. This bolster has a firm cushion level and a microfiber cover that is machine-washable as well as soft to the touch.


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