McLane 4G-7-P Lawn Edger Review


Most Reliable Lawn Edger from McLane


1.1 McLane 4G-7-P 9-Inch 4HPBenefits

The 4G-7-P is the best lawn edger from McLane thanks to its ability to create neat, true edging for any medium-size lawn.

The 4-horsepower engine cuts through the toughest lawn dirt and grass.

The robust 9-inch blade offers enough navigating power to help the machine carry out a suitable type of edging.

The machine is large enough to handle the edging job while still being compact and lightweight to handle effortlessly.

The Single Level Blade Clutch and Depth Control help you obtain consistent results for a nice looking lawn.



One of the McLane 4G-7-P lawn edger reviews says the machine does not come with a fifth or curb wheel that can aid in an even better level of maneuverability.


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Benefits Explained

  • This superb piece of garden equipment has gained plenty of positive reviews due to its amazing capability to deliver reliably straight genuine edging for medium-size gardens and lawns. The design is complemented by its heavy-duty steel frame with dual cutter head bearings that ensure smooth cutting every time. Your lawn will look like it’s been done by a professional landscape artist thanks to straight lines that show no rough patches or unevenness that could create an unsightly and unkempt looking property.

1.2 McLane 4G-7-P 9-Inch 4HP

  • This is surely the best gas lawn edger thanks to the strong 4-horsepower engine that delivers plenty of energy and drive to push the blade deep for handling of the toughest grass and dirt. The Honda 4-cycle engine provides sustained power that you can depend on to push it through challenging turf with enough stamina and without causing too much strain on the operator. You’ll love how the machine directs all that gas power to drive over the stubborn grass while cutting it to a uniform height.


  • The 9-inch edging blade is built big and strong so it can easily be pushed into the ground to give you the kind of edging you want or that your lawn specifically requires. You can prove the genuine power of the strong blade by using the machine to work alongside gardens and curbs that need a distinct delineation. Everything will look well-separated and expertly done to impress visitors and family alike.


  • The McLane 4G-7-P 9-Inch 4HP Honda Gas Powered Lawn Edger is designed with a large enough footprint that offers sufficient power and cutting ability while still being easy to maneuver thanks to its light weight and compact frame. The machine has smooth live rubber replaceable tires that are augmented by the baked-on powder coated paint to ensure superb resistance to chipping and corrosion.


  • The exceptional single level blade clutch and depth control ensure problem-free navigation on your terrain. The results are sure to be consistent throughout and it shouldn’t cause you a lot of stress to use the machine even for extended edging sessions.



If you want a nice looking lawn, surprise yourself with the superb power of the McLane 4G-7-P 9-Inch 4HP Honda Gas Powered Lawn Edger. This hardworking gardening equipment offers the ability to separate the lawn from the pathways, using a robust 89-inch edging blade powered by a strong 4-horsepower motor. Get uniform results every time with the gas-powered edger that boasts one of the best motors in the market, a Honda GX120 OHV engine.

The McLane 4G-7-P is currently unavailable, click here to see other models form this manufacturer!