Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse Review


What Is the Best Mouse from Microsoft?


1. Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse (H3S-00003)Benefits

The item comes with a Windows touch tab.

The Wireless Bluetooth connectivity helps buyers spare a USB port.

The scroll wheel can be used for navigating in 4 ways.

The device features a comfort grip.

This is the best 4 way scroll mouse for the money.



The only notable disadvantage to buying this product is that it is specifically designed for Windows personal computers, laptops and a limited number of Android tablets. If you intend on using operating systems such as Linux you might need to look for a different model.


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Benefits Explained

The Windows touch tab is a breathtakingly cutting-edge feature, as it largely increases the productivity of users. With a single click, customers can access the Windows 8 Home Screen, visualize their prefered apps or make use of the new and improved Start menu. Pressing on the little blue button lets individuals alternate between the app they’re utilizing and the Start menu. It appears that this makes multitasking a lot more manageable and has a notable impact on the user’s productivity.

2. Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth Mouse (H3S-00003)

As is the case with other products of the line, this one comes with Wireless Bluetooth connectivity, which gives a helping hand to USB aficionados. No transceivers or cords are necessary with this device, and the BlueTrack technology it comes with lets customers use it wherever they feel the need to. This is truly a versatile mouse, as it can be used efficiently on any type of surface.


Navigating projects can’t get easier than this. The Microsoft Sculpt Comfort mouse comes with a 4-way scroll which allows users to perform movements in the left, right, front and the back.


Furthermore, this is by far the best Bluetooth mouse from Microsoft, particularly if you are focused on choosing a comfortable one. The scooped right thumb featured by this device makes it much easier for right-handed customers to use it quickly and efficiently, both for work-related tasks and for the occasional gaming session.


The Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Bluetooth mouse reviews we have come across recommend it as one of the most affordable products of the line. Its list price is well bellow the $50 mark, but Amazon buyers can get it for less than $30 provided they are lucky enough to buy it on sale. There are many customers who speak highly of the good value it offers for the price.



This is a truly inexpensive Bluetooth mouse that speaks to the needs of Windows users. It is a versatile yet cheap product, that works on any type of surface and that comes with a 4-way scroll wheel. Be advised that it can’t be used on clear glass. The device is destined for right-handed users who will undoubtedly find using it to be most comfortable, as it comes with an ergonomic design.

The Windows touch tab is one of the cutting-edge features of this mouse, considering the fact that it can be used to access the Start menu and the used apps at any given time.

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