Midland WR120EZ Weather Radio Review


Most Appreciated Weather Radio from Midland


1. Midland WR120EZBenefits

This is the best weather radio from Midland thanks to its capability to receive seven National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and Environment Canada channels.

The weather radio is engineered with Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) technology.

The unit has an exceptional memory system and customization features.

The weather radio comes with several additional features that make it quite versatile.

The Midland WR120EZ is public alert certified.



One of the Midland WR120EZ weather radio reviews says certain types of alarms can’t be disabled.


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Benefits Explained

– The Midland WR120EZ weather radio is able to pull in seven NOAA and Environment Canada channels that each receives and displays emergency information on severe thunderstorms, floods, tornadoes, civil emergencies and lots of other useful updates in English, French and Spanish. An absolute must for people who reside in high-risk areas, including the Midwest and Southeast, the weather radio also offers coverage for approximately 93% of the US through the seven NOAA channels, which pretty much has most people amply covered no matter where they live.

2. Midland WR120EZ

– If you want the best weather alert radio with SAME, you need not search further. The Midland WR-120EZ is built with S.A.M.E. reception. This revolutionary technology lets users program the weather radio to give off an alert only when selected counties or areas are threatened by emergency. By eliminating all alerts from other localities, the weather radio provides peace of mind to users so they won’t have to constantly do monitoring when their area is not going to be affected by an impending civil or natural catastrophe.


– The memory system of the WR-120EZ can accommodate up to 25 counties, enabling you to monitor a wider area at once, or just restrict the alerts to a single area. The user has a choice of three warning methods when an alert is received. They include a flashing LED light, a voice alert or a 90-decibel siren. People who live in larger homes find the siren highly useful, as they don’t have to be constantly near the monitor. Smaller homes can optimize the two other alert systems.


– The weather radio has a built-in clock with alarm and snooze, so keeping track of time is not a problem during emergencies. The emergency power backup keeps the unit working during outdoor use or power outages. The external antenna supplements the alert jacks to ensure signal pulling power you can depend on. The weather radio is powered by three AA batteries. In addition, it is backed by a reliable one-year warranty.


– This weather radio is Public Alert Certified, as it delivers useful information on all the latest civil emergencies, hazards and weather updates, with color-coded alert indicators, an alert override that automatically switches over to warn you of imminent danger, plus single, multiple or any SAME program setting and silent programming. It has ten reviewable alerts and seven preset weather channels.



The WR-120EZ is a public-alert certified monitor that pulls in 7 NOAA channels with flood, tornado, thunderstorm, and civil emergency warnings. Using SAME alert programming, the weather radio sounds an alert only when certain counties are threatened, keeping you well informed every time. Versatile and exceptionally useful, the Midland WR-120EZ should be in every home where catastrophic events are always a threat to life and property.


Buy from Amazon for ($29.99)