Midland WR300 Weather Radio Review


What Is the Best Weather Radio from Midland


1.MIDLAND WR300 Weather RadioBenefits

As stated in the Midland WR300 weather radio reviews this device can be customized for your specific area.

Considered the best weather radio from Midland you have the advantage of the brightly lit LED screen.

This weather radio is easy to program, and includes presets for over 20 countries.

There are plenty of convenient functions included with this weather radio, along with features designed to keep you safe.



It should be noted that while you will receive up to the minute advisories and alerts, this device cannot be used to receive daily weather reports.


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Benefits Explained

  • One of the main advantages of this weather radio is its ability to receive weather alerts for your specific area. It features innovative technology that lets you easily program the device to your precise location so you only hear the weather that pertains to you. Choose the state and county that you are currently in, and you can even add multiple counties when it applies to your location. With an included memory that is capable of holding 23 preset locations, you never have to worry about getting caught in bad weather again.

2.MIDLAND WR300 Weather Radio

  • You will appreciate the durable construction that is designed to survive everyday wear and tear, and its compact size makes it easy to take with you when you travel. You also have the advantage of the brightly lit LED screen that makes it easy to read in any lighting. Immediately see what channel the report is being broadcast, and the type of weather that is potentially nearby.


  • This weather radio is also extremely easy to program, and all of the buttons are clearly labeled. You can easily choose the type of warning, and customize the settings for your area. You can also add alerts as each one occurs, and remove the warnings when they have expired. The included power adapter lets you immediately plug the radio in and start selecting your settings, and with the ability to easily switch to battery power you never have to worry about missing a potentially lifesaving weather alert.


  • Along with being able to receive all of the current weather reports from NOAA, you can also use this radio as a convenient alarm clock. Set the time even when the power is out, and with the ability to receive AM and FM stations you can even stay entertained. There are three types of alerts to choose from to ensure you and your family are always up to date, and the device will automatically interrupt a radio station to broadcast the latest warnings. You also have the advantage of the alerts being color coded so you can easily see the threat level with just a glance.


With the ability to customize this device to receive weather alerts for your specific location, along with all of the included presets and safety features you never have to worry about dangerous weather sneaking up on you and your family again. Considered the best weather radio with clock and alarm you can stay safe and entertained with this convenient device.


Buy from Amazon for ($57.72)