Mixologist World Cabinet Rack Kit Review

Made from durable materials

If you’re looking for a new rack to hold your wine glasses, this item could prove the best wine glass rack you’ve seen in a long while. The product is made from top-quality chrome iron delivering sturdiness, sustainability, and durability at the same time. The rack is large enough to accommodate up to 18 glasses of wine, regardless of their dimensions. The sturdy construction is easily mounted by simply following the 6-step instructions included. If you are looking for a new and durable cabinet rack kit for your venue location, the Mixologist World wine glass rack will certainly suit you and your needs.


Solid and easy to mount

As we previously mentioned, the rack can be easily mounted on the walls or anywhere you want by simply using an instructions guide with six simple steps. Forget all about complicated mounting operations and expensive contractors that will make a mess in your location and will never finish assembling the racks in time. By purchasing this item you will save important amounts of money on assembling and mounting as you can do the job yourself.

The sturdy iron construction is safe and easy to handle. This space-saving rack will be ready to use in no time. It is stylish, solid, and will help you safely stack an impressive amount of wine glasses. It is a convenient solution for every wine bar or restaurant that brags about a wide array of delicious wine choices.


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Brilliant and easy to look after design

Why occupy more space in your venue with lots of smaller racks when you can purchase this one item and get rid of the space problem once and for all? The rack is brilliant in its simplicity and, thanks to its modern design, will perfectly fit in all locations, regardless of their interior decoration style. The wine glass rack provided by Mixologist World is also extremely easy to look after. The kit contains, apart from the rack and the instructions on how to mount it, a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean and polish. This way your rack and all the 18 wine glasses attached will not only stay in place but will also remain clean and ready to use anytime you need them.

Most of the regular wine glass racks are built to hold between 6 and 12 glasses, but what happens if you host a larger party where wine is the main attraction? Instead of looking for additional wine glasses in unappealing boxes under the bar you can easily mount this rack and keep up to 18 glasses, stashed on six different rows. The rack is also extremely convenient because it helps to dry the glasses easier after each use.


You will still need a cabinet or a wooden rack to attach this additional rack too. In addition, if you don’t plan on hosting large parties or your guests are not that interested in wine tasting, you won’t need to display so many wine glasses. Thus, you could get by with a smaller rack.


Our verdict

Mixologist World is a company providing all sorts of ingenious solutions for party people and venue hosts. This wine glass rack set is exceptionally made of top-quality cast iron which will hold the pressure of up to 18 wine glasses. The set is perfect for wine lovers and even comes in a gift box, ready to be offered to your closest friend or family member.

Buy from Amazon for ($19.93)