Mixologist World Carafe Set Review


Made from top-quality materials

If you’re looking for the best wine decanter at a reasonable price, you should definitely give this product a try. The set is complete with a glass decanter, a wood stopper, a cleaning brush, and a drying stand, all packed in a deluxe box, ready to be offered as a gift to your closest friends or family members.

Each of the items in the set is carefully designed to meet the highest standards of the customers. The carafe is made from top-quality crystal glass and features a wonderful shape. The large base and the double walls make this decanter easy to deposit anywhere around the house or in your living room. Besides, the transparent design will allow you to see the entire decantation process which is truly fascinating.

The wood stopper is the perfect choice for when you want to preserve all the flavors of your red wine inside the decanter but still allow it enough space to breathe properly. Glass stoppers are usually heavier and perfectly seal the decanter, not allowing the wine to properly aerate. On the other hand, the wooden stopper is perfect because it will seal the contents inside to avoid spills and accidents, but will also allow your wine to sit.

This Mixologist World wine decanter also comes with a drying stand made of stainless steel which will help you elegantly display your wine decanter after properly cleaning it. What’s more, the included cleaning brush will remove all debris and deposits and will prevent the glass from retaining wine stains.


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Perfect decanter for all types of wine

This could easily turn into the best wine decanter for you not only thanks to its unique design and qualitative glass but also because of its capacity. The decanter can help you store approximately 1.5 liters of wine or the equivalent of two bottles. This medium-sized decanter is perfect not only for red wine but also for rose or white wine if you choose to let these properly aerate as well.

The unique design of the carafe will help boost all of the wine’s natural flavors and allow you to taste its full potential. Depending on the type of wine you wish to decant, the process could take between 15 minutes and 3 hours. So, if you opt for a rich and thick red wine, we suggest you let it sit for at least two hours before your guests arrive. Also keep in mind that red wine is served best at the room temperature, while rose and red wines are best served cold.

Protect your investment

The Mixologist World company takes all its items seriously, and that is why this particular item is backed up by a five-year warranty. This will allow you to enjoy the most exquisite wine tasting experiences without having to worry about the quality of the decanter.



Since the item is made from blown glass, we strongly recommend it to be hand washed and not placed in the dishwasher. Cleaning should be done only with the included cleaning brush to avoid scratches or chipping.


Our conclusion

A wine decanter represents the perfect gift you can offer to a wine passionate. This elegant carafe is perfect for select parties and will certainly help you impress your guests by offering them the best wine they ever tasted.


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