Mixologist World Shaker Set Review

A complete set of tools

If you plan on becoming a bartender anytime soon, this set from Mixologist World could prove the best option to start practicing. It consists of different items, each meant to help you easily recreate some of the world’s most known cocktails.

The set contains a large stainless steel drink mixer with an integrated strainer, a double-sized jigger for double cocktails, a mixing spoon, and a recipes guide, all wrapped in the perfect gift box.


Made from top quality materials

All items contained in the set will help you become a renowned bartender and will provide the necessary experience you require when preparing delicious cocktails and mocktails. All the items, including the Mixology World cocktail shaker, are made from top-quality stainless steel. The durable and sturdy construction will last you many years from now on and will become your number one tool to play with at work.

Thanks to the double-wall shaker, the cocktails prepared will be served at the perfect temperature, helping you become a better bartender with every new order. In addition, the leak-proof lid will deliver a flawless seal. This means that you will be preparing the most amazing cocktails in the world without the risk of spilling or leaking some of the contents inside. In other words, you won’t spill the drink, and you’ll get a better tip.


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Dishwasher safe

All items included in the set are extremely important when preparing cocktails, and the best part is that all of them are also dishwasher safe. All you have to do is put them in the dishwasher, start the program, and get them fresh and clean for another use after only a few minutes. They are rust-free, won’t bend, and won’t retain hard-to-clean stains. In other words, the high-quality stainless steel will keep all its benefits and properties for many years the best cocktail shaker, along with the mixing spoon and the double-sized jigger will remain clean and ready to use whenever you want them.

Learn how to make the perfect cocktails

Once you acquired the set, you will also receive a free recipe guide, and it would be a shame if you didn’t take advantage of it at the maximum. The recipe guide is filled with delicious cocktails and mocktails, and it teaches you to step by step how to prepare them. After you mastered all the recipes here, you can easily start working on your own signature cocktail.



Some of the customers complained about the product leaking both when shaking or pouring after a few times. We advise you to mindfully examine the product upon arrival and signal any inconveniences you might experience along the way.


Our verdict

If you want to learn to prepare cocktails like a true professional, Mixologist World will help you guide your steps with this amazing bar set. It includes all required items to prepare the most sophisticated and popular cocktails. All items are made from top-quality stainless steel and are backed up by a five-year warranty so you should definitely give this set a try.


Buy from Amazon for ($19.93)