Mixologist World Thermos Tumbler Review


Made from durable stainless steel

This product is perfect for everyone who needs a shot of caffeine or a relaxing cup of tea during the afternoon. The item features a stainless steel double wall to prevent heat from coming out, determining the content to remain hot for a prolonged period of time. You can now enjoy your favorite hot potion throughout the day, no matter where you are. This Mixologist World tumbler will become your best friend regardless the weather, for the moments when you need some extra concentration to finish the work.

The stainless steel design turns this item into the best travel mug for a reasonable price, especially thanks to its sturdiness and durability. No matter the weather outside or how much you are in a rush, the contents of this stainless steel mug will remain hot and ready to be sipped in any second.


No sweat design

This product is far from being your regular coffee mug. The stainless steel exterior is dubbed by a great no-sweat rubber finish to help you keep the mug tightly. Whether you come from the gym or it is hot and sweaty outside, there is no need for you to sweat also while holding this cup. The rubber handle provides a perfect grip and will help you from dropping the contents of this mug.

The anti-slip handle will make you easily carry around this coffee mug and put it in your favorite place on the desk, or take it anywhere with you. In addition, it is cup-holder friendly, so that thanks to its ergonomic shape it will easily fit in your car’s cup holder. Now you can take your morning rituals with you anywhere you go and forget about drinking your coffee cold.


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Perfectly insulated

Thanks to the double-wall design, this product turns into the best-insulated travel mug. You can store a wide variety of beverages, both hot and cold, depending on your preferences. The Mixologist World coffee mug is able to keep your contents hot for up to six hours, more than enough to go through a rough day at work. And, if you want to enjoy a delicious ice tea, a frappe or a cold lemonade, this item is the perfect choice for you too. The same double-wall insulated mug will keep your contents cold for up to 24 hours.

In other words, this travel mug will become your best friend no matter where you are. You can take it with you at work, while hiking, biking, sweating at the gym or simply relaxing with a good book on the porch of your house at dawn.


Some of the customers signaled problems regarding the handle. It is kind of flimsy and slides out of place most of the times.


Our verdict

Out of what we have discovered so far, this Mixologist World coffee mug is a great item to take with you when you don’t have time to drink your coffee in the comfort of your own home. It is large enough to keep you energized throughout the day, and will perfectly fit in your car’s cup holder.


Buy from Amazon for ($19.95)