Mr. Coffee TM70 Iced Tea Maker Review


Best Rated Iced Tea Maker form Mr. Coffee


1. Mr. Coffee TM70Benefits

As stated in the Mr. Coffee TM70 iced tea maker reviews you can brew bagged or loose leaves quickly and easily.

Often considered the best iced tea maker from Mr. Coffee you will love how easy it is to use.

This tea maker is designed to be easy to clean, and won’t leave a mess on your counter.

This iced tea maker is affordably priced and includes a manufacturer’s warranty.



Some consumers have mentioned that the included container can occasionally leak, but this is often due to user error and not an issue with the product’s construction.


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Benefits Explined

  • It is easy to see why this is often considered the best 3-quart iced tea machine. It features a durable construction that fits easily on your countertop, and an attractive blue and white design. It is capable of brewing loose or bag tea leaves, and since it can make up to 3 quarts at one time this machine is perfect for summer parties and picnics. This tea maker is also BPA free, and the durable plastic construction will last through years of use.

1. Mr. Coffee TM70

  • You will love how easy this tea maker is to use. The reservoir can hold ice or water, and features a see through window so you can keep an eye on the level. The brewing strength can easily be adjusted with the convenient dial, and you simply have to press the power button to start brewing deliciously fresh iced tea. You also have the advantage of the light that lets you know when the machine is turned on, and the automatic shutoff is always a convenient feature to have.


  • Since this iced tea maker and 3-quart pitcher are constructed from durable BPA plastic you can easily toss it into the dishwasher for a quick cleaning. The brewing basket simply slides out for convenient emptying, and you will appreciate the spout which is designed not to drip tea onto your counter. The securely locking lid will also help prevent messy spills, and the spout on the pitcher makes it easy to pour the tea without leaving a drop on the counter.


  • This iced tea maker will quickly pay for itself. It is more affordable than constantly purchasing bottled drinks and you will love how easy and convenient it is to use. Its sturdy construction is designed to last, and you will also appreciate the included one year warranty. Make great tasting ice tea exactly the way you like it, and you will love the money you’ll save not having to purchase expensive bottle beverages.


If you love the taste of freshly brewed iced tea but hate how long it can take, this might be the perfect ice tea maker for you. It features a durable construction that is safe and easy to use, and you will also appreciate being able to toss this iced tea maker in the dishwasher for a quick cleaning. Affordably priced and capable of brewing up to 3-quarts of tea at a time, there is very little not to love about this iced tea maker.


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