NAXA NPB250 Portable CD Player Review


Most Appreciated Boombox from NAXA


1. NAXA Electronics


Featuring the new generation in portable CD/MP3 player technology, this is the best boombox from NAXA NPB250.

The unit is built with an easy-to-use top loading CD and MP3 player.

The text display function is loved by users.

The appliance comes with two-way power.

The NAXA NPB250 is engineered with easy-to-use features.



One of the NAXA NPB250 portable CD player reviews says the unit has analog AM/FM tuning but once a station is pulled in, it remains stable.


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Main features explained


Aside from featuring a top-loading MP3/CD player, the NAXA NPB250 also comes with an AM/FM stereo radio. This means you have a variety of music sources to listen to. The built-in USB input adds even more spice to your collection of CD and MP3 sounds. The built-in SD/MMC card slot lets you bring in a whole library of your favorite sounds to play on this revolutionary device. It has a 16/19 track programmable memory, supplemented by Program, Pause, Skip and Repeat functions, so you can play only the sounds you prefer.

1. NAXA Electronics

The built-in top loading CD/MP3 player simplifies things. This enables you to easily insert your favorite CD, CD-R/RW and MP3 discs into the player for ultimate enjoyment. Very convenient yet amazingly affordable, the NAXA NPB250 also features a 3.5mm aux audio input that enables you to connect your iPad, smartphone and other audio device so you can listen to a lot more sound when you want. The unit allows you to enjoy MP3 files directly from a USB memory stick and an SD card.


The NAXA NPB250 is the best boombox with text display function. The text display feature shows you the song title and artist or album name scrolling along the bottom, so you know exactly what’s playing without having to check the case or a list, which proves to be convenient when all you want to do is sit down and relax with some good music.


Utilizing two-way power, the NAXA NPB250 uses either DC battery power or a UL/ETL-approved AC adaptor. This means you can bring the cute boombox along during outdoor activities or just listen at home while the unit is plugged into an electric socket, for sustained and uninterrupted use.


The rotary volume dial lets you have physical control of the unit without need to do constant checking, since every turn tells you how loud the unit can still go. With every turn of the dial, you are assured of instant response using this boombox. The telescopic FM antenna helps to pick up the more difficult stations, so you can have a variety of music and talk radio shows to choose from. The FM antenna also helps you pull in those hard-to-capture stations for greater variety in your listening repertoire.



You will prove that with the NAXA NPB250, great things do come in small packages. The unit has a text display function that lets you see the album/artist and the song that is playing right on the bottom of the screen. Built to accommodate dual power, the appliance can utilize batteries or electricity to provide continuous power.


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