Nerf N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster Review


Most popular Nerf Gun


1.1 Nerf N-Strike Elite

Main advantage

As stated in the best Nerf gun reviews the Hail-Fire Blaster is great for kids, teens, and even adults. It comes with a durable construction that can withstand the rapid firing action, and the capacity to hold up to 144 darts at a time. Quickly take the lead in any battle and go on to victory with the Hail-Fire Blaster from Nerf.


Main disadvantage

The only real issue with this Nerf gun is that it is not intended for use by children under eight years of age. If younger kids do use the Fire Blaster it is recommended that they wear appropriate safety gear and are supervised by an adult.


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Main features explained



Like all Nerf guns the Fire Blaster is designed for durability, which makes it a good value for your money. It can withstand the rough handling that is normal for kids and teens, including the sturdy trigger the won’t easily bend or break. This has the added advantage of ensuring reliable firing when it is needed the most.

1.2 Nerf N-Strike Elite

Large capacity

One of the reasons this is one of the best Nerf guns from Nerf is it large capacity. While this Nerf gun might look a little strange when it is fully loaded with eight clips, this will quickly be forgotten when you realize what an advantage it is to have 144 Elite darts ready to go. The ammo rack rotates whenever a clip is emptied so you can continue firing at oncoming “enemies”. It should be mentioned that the additional clips and darts are an extra purchase, and do not come standard with the Fire Blaster.


Semi auto

This Nerf gun is capable of semi-automatic fire, which is always an advantage. Since the ammo rack rotates you always have a full clip ready to go, and the “Acceleration Trigger” activates semi-auto firing. Simply press and hold it down while pulling on the “Launch Trigger” and amaze everyone with how fast the Fire Blaster can release 144 darts.



If you are looking for a Nerf gun that is fun, long lasting and affordable the Fire Blaster is the perfect choice. It is manufactured by a leading brand that has been trusted for generations by parents. While the extra darts and clips are an additional cost and should be factored into the budget, it is still has good value for your money.



Nerf has been making soft, safe and fun toys for kids for years, and continue to come up with new innovations. This is true with the N-Strike Hail-Fire Blaster which comes with the highest dart capacity ever in a Nerf gun, clips that are easy to reload, and semi-auto capabilities. Capable of holding up to 144 Elite darts this Nerf gun will make it easy to win the battle and claim victory over the other players. Priced to fit most budgets and incredibly fun for teens and adults, you can’t go wrong with the Fire Blaster.


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