Netgear Universal WNCE3001 Adapter Review


Most Appreciated Wireless Ethernet Bridge from Netgear


1. Netgear Universal N600


This is a dual-band efficient wireless bridge.

The device can connect to any network port.

Windows 8 is among the operating systems supported by this device.

It is remarkably affordable.

This is the best wireless Ethernet bridge from Netgear, as stated by customer reviews.



We have come across a single mention that has bothered some customers in the past. According to a small number of buyers, the device is not that easy to set up, but this may sometimes be a subjective matter. Most of the people who have purchased the model have stated that it is easy to configure. Nevertheless, some other individuals claim that they have encountered issues when installing it on Windows 7 PCs using Internet Explorer.


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Main features explained


Most modern models nowadays come with dual-band, and this is to be expected as this particular feature is known for providing maximum performance. Even video streaming is a breeze with this Netgear model, and connecting a home theater device to the internet is as easy as pie. It can also be utilized for connecting older models of Xbox 360 to the internet.

2. NETGEAR Universal N600

If you want versatility, you really have nothing to worry about with this unit. It can practically connect to anything from Blu-Ray players to ancient game consoles, as previously stated above. TV’s are an innate part of the game, since most buyers utilize wireless bridges for streaming HD videos from the internet.


It comes as no surprise that this Netgear model goes by the name of ‘UNIVERSAL’. Thanks to this wireless bridge, users can connect to any type of computer, regardless of its operating system. Since Windows 8 is a little tricky and there are many people out there disconsidering it, it is important to know whether the device you intend on buying will work with both your desktop computer and your laptop. This one makes it impossible for people to worry about compatibility.


It is pretty difficult to get a good wireless bridge for less than a hundred dollars, but this one can sometimes even be bought for half of that. Amazon is a trusted online retailer which is known for selling it at a friendly price.


The Netgear Universal WNCE3001 adapter reviews we have consulted speak highly of the features of the device and of its ability to connect to virtually anything around the house. Getting rid of cable clutter has never been easier. In spite of the mention that we showcased above, most buyers are impressed with how easy it is for them to install this unit. Some were a little hesitant because of the low price but after buying it, they became convinced that they made the right choice.



The Netgear Universal WNCE3001 is by far the best dual band adapter for the money. It’s affordable, fast, easy to set up and can be used to access any type of online content. It works with all operating systems and with ancient entertainment devices, such as very old game consoles.


Buy from Amazon for ($199)