Night Owl Xgen Digital Night Vision Viewer Review


Highest Rated Monocular form Night Owl


1. Night Owl Xgen Digital Night Vision ViewerBenefits

The Night Owl Xgen Digital Night Vision Viewer is produced by one of the most important manufacturers specialized in night vision technology.

This monocular comes with a 2.1x magnification and its viewing distance is up to 70 yards.

The built in infrared illuminator allows you to see in complete darkness, so you can observe wildlife before the sun comes up.

5 illumination settings are available, so you can pick the one that can deliver the most accurate image, depending on circumstances.

Although it packs cutting edge technology underneath its sleek hood, the Night Owl Xgen Digital Night Vision Viewer is very affordable.



Although most of the Night Owl Xgen digital night vision viewer reviews you can read from users are very positive and praise the product, you will also notice that there are some who complain about the fact that the image could be a little clearer. However, superior adjustment options are usually employed on high end products, while this one is a low end, reasonably priced monocular and it offers better performance when compared to products within the same price range.


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Benefits explained

  • Night Owl Optics is a company with a great reputation for making night vision equipment, from monoculars and binoculars to night vision goggles. While the technology was first pioneered by the military, with time, companies like this one started introducing the cutting edge development into their products addressed to the general public. The Night Owl Xgen Digital Night Vision Viewer is considered the best monocular from Night Owl for the price and as a low entry model. It doesn’t disappoint and it offers the same outstanding performance expected from Night Owl Optics.

2. Night Owl Xgen Digital Night Vision Viewer

  • Magnification is important for a monocular, and the available 2.1x magnification present in this model offers decent conditions for observing your surroundings. You can view objects within up to 70 yards from you, so this model is a good choice for the times when you go out camping.


  • Of course, one of the main selling points of this model is the infrared illuminator. Basically, this feature allows you to see in the dark, even if there is no source of light present. As long as you need a piece of equipment with night vision, you will not be disappointed with this particular model.


  • The 5 available illumination settings allow you to adjust the monocular, so you can observe your surroundings in the best conditions possible.


  • Besides offering superior performance, the Night Owl Xgen Digital Night Vision Viewer comes with a reasonable price tag, which is why so many consumers prefer it. As Night Owl Optics makes some of the best monoculars with night vision on the market, it is quite an opportunity to purchase such a product at a low price.



If you are looking for a compact, lightweight monocular to bring along with you on your camping trips, there is hardly a better choice than the Night Owl Xgen 2.1x Digital Night Vision Viewer. One of the top rated monoculars available at the moment, it offers you the ability to see in the dark, even when there is no source of light around, making your trip much more exciting.


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