Nimbus Microfine Review


Most Appreciated Manual Toothbrush from Nimbus


1.1 Nimbus® Microfine® Toothbrush

Main advantage

As stated in the best manual toothbrush reviews the main advantage of the Nimbus Microfine is the two rows of bristles. This allows you to effectively clean your front and back teeth, and along the gum line without irritation. It has also been tested and rated by dental professionals, and comes in a convenient 5 pack so it is also a great value for your money.


Main disadvantage

If you are looking for a toothbrush that will effectively remove plaque from your back teeth and are not comfortable holding it at a different angle, this might not be the product for you. While the shorter bristles are designed to safely brush away stubborn build up the longer ones can make it difficult to reach your back molars.


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Main features explained



The two rows of soft bristles are what make this the best manual toothbrush from Nimbus. The shorter bristles are designed for maximum plaque removal and will effectively brush away any debris that might have been left by the longer ones. The long bristles are perfect for getting into hard to reach places that might be missed by other toothbrushes, and the soft design won’t irritate sensitive teeth and gums.

1.3 Nimbus® Microfine® Toothbrush



Not only are the bristles soft and gentle on sensitive teeth, the handle and shape of the head is also designed for maximum comfort. The head of the toothbrush won’t jab or rub painfully, and the handle is specifically engineered for comfort. It won’t slip easily out of wet hands, and its longer length makes the toothbrush easier to control especially when you are trying to get into hard to reach places. Brush comfortably and effectively even with sensitive teeth and gums when you use the Nimbus Microfine.



Even when you are buying a toothbrush you still don’t want to waste your money, and this is not a problem with this manual toothbrush. Not only is it effective at removing stubborn plaque and tartar buildups, it also comes at an affordable price when you consider 5 toothbrushes come in a pack. You can save money on replacement toothbrushes and at your next dental checkup with the Nimbus Microfine. For added peace of mind regarding your purchase, this toothbrush has also been tested and evaluated by dental professionals.



If you have sensitive teeth and gums and want to effectively remove plaque and tartar without uncomfortable pain, this toothbrush might be exactly what you are looking for. The soft bristles won’t cause any irritation, and the varying size ensures an all over cleaning. The shorter bristles will effectively remove plaque, while the longer ones make it easy to reach your back teeth. The handle makes the toothbrush easy to control, even along the gum line, and it is also designed to fit comfortably in your hand. Tested by dentist and effective at removing stubborn plaque deposits, this toothbrush might be exactly what you need to be cavity free at your next checkup.


Buy from Amazon for ($14.75)