Optoma W316 DLP Projector Review

Choose the Best Video Projector under $500 from Optoma


1.Optoma W316 DLPBenefits

Compared to other units in the line, this is a lightweight, small-sized video projector.

In matters of operating cost, this is one of best video projectors from Optoma.

The provides bright images.

Optoma W316 DLP projector reviews recommend it for its outstanding value/price ratio.

The package contains a variety of manufacturer accessories.



This unit has gathered a wide array of positive reviews, which is why it’s difficult to find any major complaints related to the quality of this video projector. Although there have been some individuals emphasizing that the quality of the displayed images or videos isn’t the same compared to high-end units in the line, most speak highly of how it works. Other buyers claim that they have used it with great results for classroom instruction.


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Benefits Explained

Professional video projectors can sometimes be on the heavy and large side. Choosing quality over item size is a sacrifice that no customer is willing to make. All things considered, the weight and size of this model are user-friendly, as the unit weighs in at only 5.5 pounds and measures 8.8 inches by 12.4 inches by 4 inches. Therefore, it can be carried around conveniently, with little to no effort on the part of the user.

3.Optoma W316 DLP

Operating cost is a detail to consider whenever buying a video projector, and this one provides one of the lowest ones on the market. The lamp life is around 10,000 hours, which makes it take the cake in matters of dependability and convenience. Utilizing 3D images can be achieved with this model, and this will have little to no impact on the operating cost.


When it comes to brightness and contrast, this model beats the game. The Brilliant Color feature makes it possible for the unit to produce both vibrant and accurate colors, and the Consistent Color Precision makes errors a thing of the past.


Customer reviews should play a major part in the research of any prospecting buyer. Since the Optoma W316 has gathered the wide appreciation of many American customers, it goes without saying that it’s worth having a look at. It’s certainly difficult to get a good video projector under $500, and this one can be considered an investment in the long run. The value offered for the price is amazing, as attested by the over 120 positive reviews.


The package contains anything from the VGA to VGA cable to the remote control and even batteries for the remote. A carrying case is part of the deal with this one.



Judging from the reviews it has gathered, we tend to believe that this is one of the most populars video projectors in 2018. On the same note, the specs of the device make it a lightweight yet versatile unit, which is easy to use and provides all the features required by the tech-savvy buyer and by the first-time user. Furthermore, the model is compatible with a large variety of extras, from wireless VGA dongles to vaulted ceiling mount brackets.

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