Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Tri Suit Review


What Is the Best Rated Tri Suit from Pearl Izumi?


1. Pearl Izumi Men's Select Tri SuitBenefits

The Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Tri Suit offers a perfect fit for both beginners and more advanced triathletes.

The small back pocket is useful for keeping one necessary item that you cannot do without during a triathlon, but it doesn’t hinder your movements at all.

The tri suit has reflective elements, to make you more visible under low light conditions.

The model offers superior moisture transfer, so you will not experience chafing and other unpleasant effects of sweating throughout a challenging triathlon.

The material has the ability to dry fast, and it is also chlorine resistant, so it doesn’t change its original color even when swimming in chlorinated water.



No major complaints about this suit can be found, but there is a minor gripe that may be worth mentioning. When shopping for this item, make sure that you get the right fit. Since tri suits are sold in several sizes only, you need to estimate in what category your measurements are included, to avoid buying a model that is either too large or too tight. Nonetheless, there are very few complaints of this kind, and the vast majority of Pearl Izumi men’s select tri suit reviews praise the model as a great fit.


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Benefits explained

When you are planning on competing in a triathlon, getting the right tri suit is paramount. A single piece tri suit, the model reviewed here offers you the necessary comfort for getting through all the challenges, without having to worry that your suit will start twisting or exposing your back to sunburns and other nuisances. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned triathlete, you will surely appreciate the good fit this tri suit provides.

2. Pearl Izumi Men's Select Tri Suit

One thing tri suits do not usually have is extra storage space. However, this tri suit manages to deal with things just fine, by including an envelope pocket that is as good as invisible for keeping something you need always with you. The style of the pocket makes it difficult to spot by anyone looking, and it also helps you maintain the much needed aerodynamic profile for doing your best during a triathlon.


Low light can be a cause of accidents, and that is why the Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Tri Suit includes reflective elements, so anyone can spot you even when it gets darker. One of the reasons why this is considered the best tri suit from Pearl Izumi is the manufacturer’s care for such details that are oriented towards offering users the best conditions and extra benefits.


Competing in a triathlon can be a very taxing experience for your body, and sweating can become a major cause of discomfort. This tri suit offers superior moisture transfer so you do not experience such issues.


The material the Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Tri Suit is made of has the ability to dry very fast, and it is also chlorine resistant, so you can use it for a long time.



If you are looking for the best wetsuit for men, the Pearl Izumi Men’s Select Tri Suit is a great choice. Offering comfort, the best fit and extra conveniences like a back pocket, it is already loved by many triathletes around the world.


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