Pearl Izumi Octane Tri Suit Review


What Is the Best Tri Suit fron Pearl Izumi?


1. Pearl Izumi Men's Octane Tri SuitBenefits

This is one of the most long-lasting items of the line.

Since it’s designed in 2013, it is quite affordable.

The suit can be used for a large variety of activities.

Judging by its reputation, this is probably the best tri suit from Pearl Izumi.



While some customers have emphasized that they have run into some minor issues with this particular model, most of the buyers claim that they are satisfied enough with the quality. It seems that this particular line is destined both for bikers and for swimmers. Some individuals have came across minimum problems with the zipper but the same persons speak highly of the customer support provided by Pearl Izumi.


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Benefits Explained

Purchasing a durable tri suit is quite a complicated thing, particularly if you’re looking for a bargain. Choosing a good price over good quality means a huge sacrifice in the long run. Nevertheless, this item is known for being well-designed and well manufactured, so much so that it’s gathered the appreciation of many buyers from all over the world. Frequently using the tri suit does not affect its overall value.

2. Pearl Izumi Men's Octane Tri Suit

The model is by far the best men’s tri suit for the money. Although its list price can come close to three hundred dollars, the suit can be bought for as little as a hundred, provided users choose Amazon for their purchase. This online retailer is known for holding discount sales on a frequent basis, and while sizing might be a little tricky, both the Amazon customer service and the Pearl Izumi one can take care of any encountered glitch.


This is a suit destined for people who do not intend to limit their activities to biking or to swimming. Both of these activities can be performed successfully while wearing the item, and biking can become a wonderful experience thanks to the In-R-Cool system included in the fabric. This addition is a plus for individuals who cycle in direct sunlight, especially since doing so in a black ensemble can lead to overheating.


More than 60% of the people who have bought this model claim that they are impressed with its good value. While this number might not look that impressive, we’d like to underline that it’s very important for buyers to estimate their own needs and preferences before deciding to purchase a certain model. Most 4-star ratings are a direct result of issues related to size, so it is crucial to have previously tried other units in department stores.



Pearl Izumi Octane tri suit reviews speak highly of the overall quality of the item. If you intend on using it for cycling and for swimming, it might be a good idea to have a look at this model. To sum up, this tri suit is easy to use and provides a decent temperature on hot days. It is durable and gives the much needed protection to the skin of the shoulder. UV sun protection and aerodynamics are two innate features of this product.


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