Pearl Izumi Women’s Select Tri Suit Review


Most Appreciated Women Tri Suit from Pearl Izumi


1. Pearl Izumi Women's Select Tri SuitBenefits

The Pearl Izumi Women’s Select Tri Suit comes equipped with specially designed direct vent panels to ensure reliable ventilation against excessive sweating.

The stand alone bra is a welcome addition, and it makes this the best swimsuit for women who want to compete in a triathlon.

The tri suit is easy to take off and put on, an essential trait of any kind of sports clothing dedicated to this type of events.

For the price, this model offers great value, and it is on par with more expensive items that serve the same purpose.

The materials the tri suit is made of offer superior comfort, which is essential for any triathlete.



Usually, Pearl Izumi makes great products that everyone loves. However, when it comes to finding the best fit, each person’s anatomy can play an important role. There are a few mentions made by users speaking of the fact that the suit may not stretch enough to accommodate larger hips, but this can be corrected by purchasing a slightly larger size.


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Benefits explained

When you are shopping for the best tri suit for women, there are certain things you need to keep in mind, good ventilation being one of them. The Pearl Izumi Women’s Select Tri Suit offers truly great ventilation, as the tri suit has built in direct vents that help dry the material fast and also help you dry moisture that can build up inside the suit, due to sweating.

2. Pearl Izumi Women's Select Tri Suit

The tri suit reviewed here is focused on offering women who want to compete in triathlons the best equipment so they can maximize their results. The stand alone bra makes it easy for users to adjust the suit as they see fit. As many of the Pearl Izumi women’s select tri suit reviews online point out, this is a major selling point for this specific tri suit.


When competing in a sports event, it is important to have a suit that is easy to take off or put on, without wasting any time. This is another advantage offered by this great tri suit from Pearl Izumi that should not be overlooked.


One great point of many Pearl Izumi products is that they truly offer great value for the money, and this tri suit is no exception to the rule. The Pearl Izumi Women’s Select Tri Suit costs less than other tri suits for women, while offering superior comfort and performance.


Nonetheless, maybe the most important aspect worth mentioning is that all users praise the great comfortable experience provided by the high grade materials used in making this great looking tri suit that women absolutely love.



The tri suit reviewed above is considered, to date, the best tri suit from Pearl Izumi and for all the right reasons. Comfortable and stylish, it helps women who love competing in challenging sports events such as triathlons, to absolutely shine and focus on attaining the objectives, while enjoying the best conditions a tri suit for women can offer to users.


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