Polk Audio PSW10 Powered Subwoofer Review


Top Rated Subwoofer under $200 from Polk Audio



The unit is relatively lightweight and small-sized compared to other products in the line.

The manufacturers are offering a 5-year warranty on this model.

The key features of this subwoofer are undoubtedly hard to say no to.

Three main technologies make this unit the best home subwoofer from Polk Audio.

Over 2,000 customers have provided positive reviews on this product.



There have been some buyers that mentioned that they failed to be impressed with the ability of this subwoofer to shake the whole house. Even though it is a great performer and offers amazing sound quality, it seems to work best when employed at frequencies around 40Hz. Even these individuals have, nevertheless, emphasized that the Polk Audio PSW10 gets users the bang for the buck and is an excellent addition to a compact setup.


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Benefits Explained

  • While 10-inch subwoofers aren’t as hefty as their 12-inch counterparts, size and weight still matter quite a lot, particularly if you want to take your unit to someone else’s place. This model measures 14 ⅜ inches in height, 14 inches in width and 16 ⅛ inches in depth. With a weight of only 26 pounds, customers might find it impressively convenient.


  • Trusted manufacturers including Polk Audio usually raise the bar when it comes to customer warranties. While a non-expensive, less than outstanding subwoofer might be backed by a 3-year warranty, this one is covered for 5 years both on parts and labor and on the subwoofer amplifier.


  • Action movies and music are brought to life by this 10-inch Dynamic Balance woofer. It is capable of delivering deep bass and smoothness while asking for as little power as possible. The unit is known for being economical at low volumes and in standby mode. The cabinet is non-resonant yet its design is capable of producing as much volume as one user can stand. Big bass is no longer a dream with this model.


  • The Dynamic Balance design has been developed by Polk Audio engineers and is in fact a neat combination of construction techniques, materials and geometry, that eliminate undesired resonance. The Klippel distortion analyzer in the PSW10 ensures the performance of the unit at high volume levels. Furthermore, the cone is made with composite polymer, one of the most recommended materials on the market today.


  • Polk Audio PSW10 powered subwoofer reviews have nothing but good things to say about this model. Most buyers speak highly about the sound quality, as it produces little to no distortion at high volumes above 50Hz. In spite of the mention we’ve come across, some other customers state that this subwoofer is perfect for playing any type of music, from classical and jazz to hip hop and rock.



This is the best 10 inch subwoofer for the money. It’s a high-quality entry level unit that offers great sound, particularly when listening to sensible volume levels. The Polk Audio PSW10 is a simple yet well-built, solid speaker that’s known for being detailed and powerful.


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