Porter-Cable 7539 Speedmatic Review



What Is the Best Plunge Router from Porter-Cable


1. PORTER-CABLE 7539 SpeedmaticBenefits

The 7539 Speedmatic Plunge Router may be the best plunge router from Porter-Cable thanks to its hardworking 15-amp motor.

The Porter-Cable 7539 ships with all the plunge router accessories you need to start working right away.

This machine is outfitted with an electronic five speed motor that is made for handling any type of woodworking application.

The soft-start feature ensures smooth transition to the optimum work level for the operator.

The auto-release collet system puts an end to stuck bits.



Some users find the unit too heavy for handheld applications, but that’s all a matter of preference and skill.

Unlike pricier brands, the PORTER-CABLE 7539 Speedmatic Plunge Router doesn’t have a micro-fine adjustment knob, which some users never even use at all.

The base plate screws need a large screw driver to undo for router table plate attachment.


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Benefits Explained

  • If you seek durability and power from a good motor on the best plunge router, this machine is definitely worth the investment. It houses a 15-amp motor that can handle the toughest of applications with its superb power and patent durability. The 3.25 horsepower motor makes everything look easy no matter what you throw at it. You can really hear the motor hard at work with its loud noise, so you may need to use some form of ear protection. The machine is designed for heavy routing and production tasks, no doubt about that. Heavy at 17.5 pounds, this machine is unmistakably a remarkable workhorse.

1. PORTER-CABLE 7539 Speedmatic

  • The machine is outfitted with ball bearings that are 100% sealed. The six-position depth-stop turret lets you accomplish repeated or gradual plunge cuts on a three-inch plunge range with supreme control. The handles are comfortable and provide a secure grip. The machine remains on constant speed even under heavy load. The aluminum motor housing is precision-machined to prevent heat build-up that can result to motor damage. The router ships with 1/2-inch collets, but also accepts 1/4-inch and 3/8-inch ones. The fully-enclosed springs on the plunge mechanism facilitate bit entry when cutting into the workpiece surface. The tool also comes with an operating manual and two collet wrenches.


  • The electronic five-speed motor is versatile, as it comes with 10,000, 13,000, 16,000, 19,000 and 21,000 RPM settings. The machine packs a punch that makes it an ideal piece of equipment for countertop fabricators, production shops, and makers of furniture. On a router table, the device can serve as a shaper in small budget shops.


  • By effectively reducing torque during start up, this router takes away the jerky start from an abruptly revved motor. This ensures a smooth transition to the desired setting so cuts can be executed flawlessly.


  • Thanks to the unique auto-release design, the collet is freed easily from the arbor when the locking nut is loosened, which ends stuck or frozen router bits in the collet.



This machine deserves the praise it has gotten in the Porter-Cable 7539 Speedmatic reviews. It packs a punch, yet surprisingly soft start up that makes transitions easier and safer for the operator. The one-year warranty comes with a 30-day performance certification to ensure durability and reliability.


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