Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard Review


Most Appreciated Skateboard from Powell


1. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete SkateboardBenefits

When it comes to pricing, nothing beats this all around skateboard. Affordable and reliable, this skateboard rolls and feels just like an expensive top model.

Wide and solid, made from high density laminated wood, the Golden Dragon Flying Dragon comes with excellent durability and stability, making it the best skateboard for beginners money can buy today.

Using a wide polymer reinforcing strap, this board offers extra flexibility and safety, allowing it to only fracture and avoid accidents even after it breaks in two.

This skateboard comes with a superb, oriental red dragon design as its bottom decal that will surely delight the entire audience.



Unlike other models, this one is designed in the US but manufactured in China. While this may be a problem for some, the Powell Golden Company takes a lot of extra care, ensuring that all their products have the highest quality possible. Using the best quality materials available and passing rigorous tests, this skateboard can compete with ease with any other brand available on the market.


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Benefits explained

Where other similar quality models may cost hundreds of dollars, the Golden Dragon Flying Dragon has one of the most affordable price tags you will ever find on the market. With a clear focus on quality and ride control, this skateboard easily competes with many of the more expensive brands. Praised by all its users, this skateboard is the perfect choice for all money conscious skaters.  Whether on the street or at the skate park, this board will deliver the same experience as an expensive brand model, at a fraction of the cost.

2. Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard

Earning top ratings from all the Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon complete skateboard reviews for its ride comfort and stability, the Golden Dragon Flying Dragon comes with a wide and durable board made from high quality wood. Using the AirLam technology and extremely powerful polymer adhesives, this board offers superior flexibility and durability, surpassing any other board types in production. Capable of withstanding lots of abuse, this skateboard is the best choice for all new skaters.


Offering additional flexibility, a wide polymer strap reinforces the board throughout its entire length, offering it better resistance to bending and allowing it to snap back to its original shape. This reinforcing strap, common in all Powell-Peralta Ligament skateboards, will protect the skater in the unfortunate event that the board snaps in two.


With its superbly colored oriental dragon decal, this skateboard will surely gain a lot of respect and praise from all the other skaters present. Revered in China, and respected around the globe, the dragon symbolizes power and excellence, a perfect choice for a young and competitive skater.



Delivering a complete skating experience, this board easily wins the hearts of all its users. Perfect for street and park skating, the Golden Dragon Flying Dragon is the best choice for anyone who wants to get an affordable, high quality skateboard. Praised for its flexibility and ride comfort, this is surely the best skateboard from Powell-Peralta money can buy today.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($63.99)