Powermatic 54A Deluxe Review

Best Jointer from Powermatic


1.1 Powermatic 54A Deluxe

Main advantage

If you are looking for a jointer that is capable of supporting larger pieces of wood, comes with a powerful motor, and a cutting head with three knives, this might be the perfect model for you. As stated in the best jointer reviews, the Powermatic 54A Deluxe will give you the accuracy you need to create beautiful projects.


Main disadvantage

Even though this is the best jointer from Powermatic it might not be the right choice if you have limited patience. The small screws that need to be tightened or loosened to adjust the table or cutting knives can be difficult to reach, which often results in frustration.


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Main features explained


Large table

One of the reasons this jointer stands out is the large table. Measuring 66 inches long and 7-1/4 inches wide, you have plenty of room to work on your projects and the table can also support larger pieces of wood. The table is easy to adjust and lock in place, and the convenient scale ensures that it is accurately set. The top of the table is also ground to provide you with a flat and even surface to work from.

1.2 Powermatic 54A Deluxe


Powerful motor

With the one phase 1 HP 115V motor you have plenty of power to cut hard and soft wood. The motor is encased in the cabinet to protect it from normal wear and tear, and specially mounted to make it easy for you to adjust the tension in the belt as needed. The base of the jointer also provides plenty of stability, and comes with a convenient dust collector that keeps it out of the motor and off of the work area.



Being able to make precise and accurate cuts is important if you want your project to fit together perfectly. The 54A Deluxe features three knives on the cutting head, which automatically align for accuracy. The knives are constructed from durable steel, and you will also appreciate how easy each one is to set. For additional accuracy this jointer also has an adjustable fence that is constructed from sturdy cast iron, and the controls are conveniently placed in the center so you can easily make adjustments as you are working.


Easy to assemble

The last thing you want to do is spend hours trying to assemble a jointer, and that is not a problem with the 54A Deluxe. The included instructions will walk you through the simple set up steps, and since most of it is simply making your final adjustments you will be making accurate cuts in no time.



It is easy to see why this jointer is a popular choice with hobbyists and professionals. It is designed to be convenient to use, and most importantly make precise and accurate cuts. The three knives ensure that every cut is exactly where you want it, and since the blades align automatically you don’t have to worry about anything being off. Powerful, accurate and easy to use, this jointer might be just what you need to finish you next project.


Buy from Amazon for ($1049.99)