Precious Cat Ultra Premium Cat Litter Review


What Is the Most Appreciated Cat Litter from Precious Cat?


1. Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter



This is one of the most affordable products of the line.

It speaks to the needs of cats suffering from various allergic reactions.

The litter is made of natural ingredients and is highly absorbent.

It comes with odor control.

Precious Cat Ultra Premium cat litter reviews claim it’s dust-free.



According to some customers, little pieces of feces might be left behind if your cat is known to use the bathroom in this way.

Although it does a great job at absorbing odors, a variable number of buyers have underlined that it does not come with its own perfume. However, this may prove to be a reasonable advantage for owners whose cats have allergies.


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Main features explained

In spite of its somewhat off-putting list price, Amazon customers can now get this product at an affordable price. The online retailer is known for holding occasional sales, where individuals can purchase this Precious Cat litter for even less than $15. Keep in mind that this is the number 1 best seller in the litter and housebreaking category.

2. Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

As previously mentioned, this item is unscented and does not contain any allergens whatsoever. This includes detergents and chemicals. Feline family members are known to be somewhat sensitive to artificial smells, which is why the manufacturer has decided to get rid of this hassle altogether.


If you’re having second thoughts about buying the Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping litter, we’ll put your mind at ease. The product is composed of all-natural ingredients, which basically means you’ll be throwing out a more improved version of natural clay. Flushing the litter is however prohibited, as it can have a negative effect on the overall use of your plumbing.


Humans might think that using artificial perfumes is nice, but cats rarely have the same opinion about them. The sense of smell belonging to cats is a thousand times more powerful than our own, which means that even the smallest scents can irritate the inner membrane of a feline’s nose. In fact, that’s precisely how allergies begin to happen. Fortunately, since this litter is unscented, you won’t to take your cat to the vet for allergy-related conditions.


This one is by far the best cat litter from Precious Cat especially if you are looking for a dust-free alternative. Judging by the customer reviews gathered by this item, there are only more expensive models that could be compared to this one. It seems like this litter is actually dustless.



To sum up, we’ll say that this is the best clumping cat litter for the money. It’s affordable, dustless and contains no artificial scents or detergents that might potentially harm the health of your cat. Furthermore, it can be used successfully both for cats and for kitties as it is dust-free. The same product can be utilized for declawed cats.

If you’re trying to figure out which brand of litter works for the needs of your feline partner, it might be worth giving this one a try.


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