If you’re the owner of a cat and have little to no knowledge when it comes to picking the right type of cat litter, we have decided to give you a helping hand. Getting the right product is sometimes a matter of trial and error, as it very much depends on your cat’s personal preferences.

We have compiled a list of the most important things to consider when buying any cat litter. Some of these details are related to safety while others depend on what your expectations are.


kitten in the litter box


The three features of the best cat litter

The ability to neutralize odors is probably the most important consideration when it comes to cat litter. A stinky litter box isn’t the most attractive thing in the world for a cat, and it shouldn’t be for you either. Most cats will feel tempted to use another area around the house as their personal toilet if their litter box is messy. Scoop the solid waste every day.

Another feature to look for in a good cat litter is the way it affects the environment. If you’re looking for a biodegradable alternative, it might be worth leaving out clay litters. You won’t have the freedom to flush these down the toilet. On the one hand, getting a biodegradable product is good for the environment, while on the other it allows you to dispose of it conveniently.

As previously mentioned at the beginning of the article, buying the right litter is likely to happen over time. There’s no way of knowing which brand is dustier compared to others until you have tested it. Look for low dust variants, as this way your cat won’t carry the dust on its paws everywhere around the house.


Your cat’s tastes should come first

Although every type of cat litter has its advantages and disadvantages, the bottom line is that your cat might like it or not. Furthermore, some might be sensitive to the touch of the litter as their paws might not like the way it feels. On this account, while some might appreciate the texture of crystal litters, other could go for a fine-grained clay litter.

Fussing around and meowing while using the litter box are two signs that you might need to switch to another type or brand.


Cat litter 1



Choose between the different kinds of cat litter

There are many kinds that now exist on the market, which is why we recommend trying them all before deciding on the one that fits both your and your cat’s needs.

Clay litter is natural. It absorbs both odor and urine quite well, but it is not scoopable. What this means is that you’ll have to change it very often. If have more than one cat, this might not be the right kind for you.

Clay based clumping is one of the favorite choices nowadays, as it keeps the box dry and is easy to use. The urine and solid waste clump together and can therefore be removed individually, thus allowing the cat to reuse the litter. However, clay based clumping litter can stick to the cat’s paw and can end up in any room of your house.

Pellets are biodegradable as they are made of paper or wood. This kind is dust-free but it does require scooping at least a couple of times throughout the day and it might be a little harder for the cat to get used to it.

Plant-based clumping is made of wheat or corn, depending on the variety you choose. It is easy to scoop but is a bit dusty compared to other alternatives. Although it’s friendly to the environment, some cats are allergic to wheat or corn.

Crystals are made of silica gel. They’re excellent if you’re looking for a kind of which a pack lasts for an entire month. They don’t absorb odor as well as other types, and crystals tend to be thrown out of the litter box very easily.



Final pieces of advice

People tend to think of cat litter as something that isn’t worth the money because they will be throwing it out at some point or the other. While the price is something to think about, it should not be the sole consideration. The cheapest alternatives we have come across over time are the fine-grained clumping ones, but you should be aware of the fact that these might pose a health risk to kittens. Cats under three months can ingest small litter particles.



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Oil, dirt, and makeup can all affect the way your skin looks and feels. If you don’t feel tempted to waste money on spa facial treatments or simply don’t have the time to go to a beauty salon, you might benefit from using a facial steamer. Once you have purchased it, it might be a good idea to stick to some basic rules that can make your life a whole lot easier.

Sure, every product comes with its own set of instructions, but it doesn’t all boil down to the model you’ll end up purchasing. We’ve put together a short list of tips and tricks you can use to get the most of your facial steamer and finally achieve the skin smoothness you have been looking for. Have a look at the following ideas.


facial steamer



Prepare the skin

The main thing to keep in mind is that steam facials are way more efficient when they’re performed on clean skin. Start by using a mild cleanser to get rid of any traces of makeup or oil and even sweat that has been building up on your face during the day. Exfoliating is another way of doing things, but don’t use a harsh scrub.


Fill up the facial steamer

Depending on the manual you have received along with the product you have chosen, the manufacturers might instruct you to start using the steamer one way or the other. Most of the models we have come across have a chamber which needs to be filled with around two cups of purified or distilled water. You’ll notice that the vast majority of manufacturing brands specify that their units should not be used with tap water as it can affect the durability of the facial steamers.

Continue by turning on the device and allowing it to rest for several minutes. During this time, the unit will actually start to emit steam.


How to use a facial steamer safely

Most of the modern alternatives we have stumbled upon feature a cone attachment above the base. However, several older variants feature a tube at the end of which there’s an orifice that allows the steam to go out. If you are the owner of a model with a cone attachment, simply set your face inside it. There should be a small distance between your skin and the steam coming out from the unit, so pay attention to this detail in order to avoid burns.

With the tube-shaped facial steamers, things are somewhat different. These will require you to operate the device in such a way that your entire face gets exposed to the steam as efficiently as possible.

No matter how tempted you might feel to use the unit for more than two minutes at a time, just don’t. Two to three minutes tops is the best steam session time. After all, there is no one stopping you from taking a one-minute break and then steaming your face for two other minutes.

When you are only beginning, it might be a good idea to stick to a maximum of five two-minute sessions per day. Any more than that might affect your skin in a negative way. Furthermore, the length of the steaming sessions can be adjusted in accordance with the necessities of your skin.


facial steaming sessions



Increase the benefits of using a facial steamer

Once you have gone through your routine, just wipe the steam that has been accumulating on your skin with a clean towel. Use a facial mask designed for your skin type, as this is the perfect time it can penetrate the skin surface. Remove the mask according to the provided instructions and then use a regular moisturizer. It’s really no problem if you don’t have a skin mask at hand, as the moisturizer will do its job neatly anyway. Before applying your face cream, you might want to consider splashing your face with some cold water to help the pores close up.



Safety considerations

If you have been suffering from skin conditions such as dermatitis, severe acne, or rosacea, we strongly suggest you have a talk with your dermatologist before starting to use a facial steamer. Sometimes, steam can aggravate the skin condition instead of making it better.

Other safety-related details refer to keeping your facial steamer in perfect shape and as clean as possible. Wash the device right after you have used it and thoroughly clean the inside of the chamber in order to prevent any bacteria from building up therein.



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If you’re feeling a bit unsure about what you should look for in a new wireless Ethernet Bridge, you’ve come to the right place. We take great pleasure in giving out a helping hand to prospective buyers who are struggling with making up their mind. That’s why we’ve created a short buying guide to assist you in separate the wheat from the chaff.

Two of the most important pieces of advice we can give to you are these: spend as much time as possible on researching the model you want to buy and correlate its features to your needs and requirements. Some might say that high-end routers can turn a lousy home network into a great one. It’s not all a matter of price, and we recommend you to read the following info to find out why.


Wireless Ethernet Bridge



To put it simply, an Ethernet network bridge is what is used to connect two local networks, with the help of the same Ethernet protocol. Most of the models that now exist on the market are compatible with computers and wireless devices.

Ethernet bridges can be split into two main categories: Wi-Fi bridges and powerline Ethernet bridges. While the first one is capable of connecting a computer to a network without the use of a network adapter or without any wires, the second is mainly utilized to connect computers by relying on the electrical system of a building.

Therefore, the first thing to do when starting to look for a new Ethernet bridge is to understand which one you require. The vast majority of the consumers nowadays go for a wireless Ethernet bridge, because it can be used for a broad array of tasks. Some devices can be utilized both as a router and as a bridge.


Dual-band vs. single-band

There are two frequency bands currently being used with Wi-Fi signals: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The main issue with the first is that everyone’s already using it, so the 5GHz frequency is likely to work a lot better and offer very good data rates. A single-band 2.4GHz router can do wonders if you live in an area where there are few to no wireless networks. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a fully capable wireless network giving you all the perks you might require, you’re definitely in the need of a dual-band router.

The vast majority of wireless devices that are being released and sold nowadays come with a dual-band feature. However, you might not encounter it in older models such as the iPhone 4.



Get the same standard of equipment

Before complicating the matter even more, we’d like to emphasize that nothing beats correlating your devices based on Wi-Fi standard. For example, if the computers and other devices you own in your home are Wireless-N and for some reason you’re choosing to buy an 802.11B router, chances are you won’t get the best performance.

Try to stick to the same standard, although some people like to claim that this isn’t necessarily a crucial consideration. Sure, you’ll still be able to use the network even if in the case specified earlier on, but the connection might be a little disappointing in terms of reach and speed.


Wireless Ethernet Bridge connection


Brand, price, and recommendations

The brand might not be as important as the technology of the wireless Ethernet bridge you want to get. There are several examples of manufacturers of which some products were utter and complete fails in the past, but new and improved models are consistent with the company’s quality standards. The actual brand name isn’t all that important.

As for the price, it might be a good idea to set a budget before starting to browse your available options. On this account, the prices of routers and bridges that can be bought out there can significantly differ depending on a variety of factors, from the Wi-Fi standard to the reputation of the brand.

Finally, the amount of time you invest on doing a thorough research is probably the detail that makes the difference between a product you love and one you want to return. Go through anything from test scores and forums to Amazon reviews. Look at positive and negative ratings and try to understand the reasons why the buyers chose them to assess the quality of the Ethernet bridge. Most of the online sources you’ll come across do their own lists of the best wireless routers and determine whether they’re worth the hype or not.



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Buying a new boombox may look like a daunting task, particularly if you have not made up your mind about what you are looking for in a model. If this is the first boombox you’re getting, you’re likely to feel a bit baffled because of the myriad of products that are available on the market today. Which one should you get?

If you are having trouble correlating your needs and preferences to the features of the device you want to purchase, it might be a good idea to check the list below. We’ve put together a short buying guide that can assist you in making the right call. Just remember, always consider your requirements before checking out, and be sure to do as much research as your time allows it.


Boombox 1



Decide on the type you want to buy

All of the boomboxes you may come across have one thing in common: they’re all portable. Other than that, they differ in terms of capabilities, uses, colors, and even sizes. Some are water resistant while others are somewhat less reliable or durable, but they manage to play high-quality music regardless of the place you use them at.

Boomboxes can be split into several categories, depending on what you are looking for. There are vintage and cassette models, CD boomboxes and MP3 units. It goes without saying that the last type is considered to be relatively more versatile compared to the previously mentioned ones, as you’ll be able to use your music virtually, without the risk of damaging the original album. Some models allow you to play sounds from a USB flash drive, which takes the hassle altogether out of carrying the CDs with you.

The kind of boombox you choose must rely on your personal requirements, which is why you have to assess what you’re expecting to use your boombox for.



Vital features

A CD changer seems to be the norm among many of the consumers whose opinions we have analyzed over time. It’s true that there are still radio and cassette models available on the market, but CDs sound considerably better than cassette tapes.

Power is another thing to take into account. The higher the number of watts, the louder the music you can play. With a greater amount of power, the system doesn’t have to work so hard when it comes to actually playing the music, so there will be less distortion. However, the more watts, the pricier the unit.

A remote control didn’t hurt anyone, particularly when the user needs to answer a phone call. Turning down the volume on the boombox can be done in a timely manner thanks to a remote control.

Other good characteristics to keep an eye for are memory presets, an AM/FM tuner, satellite radio, and compatibility with an iPod or MP3 device.



Features you can live without

It all really depends on your expectations, but there are some characterics that are likely not to matter all that much when it comes to buying the right unit. For example, a spectrum analyzer or digital signal processors might be less important to  a regular user. Karaoke is something to take into account only if you plan on having some fun with friends, so it doesn’t speak to everyone in the world.






Before ordering a boombox only, we strongly suggest you read some consumer reviews. Websites like Amazon are known for allowing buyers to express their opinions, and you might significantly benefit from going through them.

The ratings are subjective, but if you’re really interested in a model, you might want to read at least five reviews per type of rating. Go through the positive and the negative ones, as you’re likely to learn valuable info regarding the performance of the device and the way the manufacturer handles customer support.




Price is always something important, whether we like it or not. Since most of the units are somewhat more affordable online, it might be a good idea for you to go see and test a model at a department store and then order it from an online retailer.



Brand and country of origin

Generally, boomboxes manufactured in the United States, Canada, and Europe are thought of as being more dependable compared to their Asian counterparts. Whether you choose a unit produced in Asia or not, try to stick to a brand that has a subsidiary in your state. This detail will lower the chance of any inconvenience you might come across regarding contacting customer service.




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Organic light emitting diode or OLED as it is commonly known has been around for a few years. The technology allows for an ultra slim screen that can be as thin as 0.97mm. While there have been a few issues with the technology in the past there are a few top rated manufacturers that seem to have resolved any problems. Capable of producing amazing picture quality in a thinner and lighter design than LCD models, many consumers are taking notice of the new OLED TVs. In this buying guide you will find the information you need to choose a high performance OLED TV.

While the screen size will depend on the room, and your budget, there are a few other factors to consider before you choose an OLED TV.





One of the first aspects to consider is the screen, and this does not only refer to its size. While you probably want to choose the largest screen that will fit your budget and the size of the room, you also need to decide if you want one that is flat or curved. Both have unique advantages and disadvantages that can affect your viewing experience.


Curved Screens

While curved screens were considered a passing fad a few years ago, it is now being considered the next “big thing”. Some smart phones now offer models with a curved screen that it thought to be able to enhance your overall viewing experience. While you do enjoy less loss of detail with a curved screen, it might not be the best choice for watching TV with multiple viewers. The smaller sweet spot can make it difficult for everyone to truly enjoy the OLED experience. Another disadvantage of a curved OLED screen is that it can be almost impossible to mount on a wall.


Flat Screens

There are several advantages to a flat screen OLED TV that include its ability to be easily mounted on a wall or stand. Flat screens are generally priced lower, and are available in several sizes giving consumers more options. While you do lose out on feeling like you are immersed in the screen, these models do have the advantage of a larger sweet spot make it possible to see images clearly from almost any corner of the room. If you plan on watching television with several people, a flat screen OLED TV might be the best option for you.


Bendable Screens

While these screens are priced significantly higher than any of the other models, for some consumers it is well worth the extra cost. Bendable OLED TVs have the ability to switch between flat and curved screens so you get the advantages of both types. Even though there currently aren’t a lot of models to choose from it is an option to consider, especially if you are setting up a home theater system.




4K Content

To keep up with changing technology manufacturers are also introducing OLED TVs with 4K. Able to display incredible detail, inky black and vivid colors, these higher priced models can give you an amazing viewing experience. It should be noted that OLED TVs without 4K are still able to provide a sharper and clearer image than most LCD TVs.


Benefits of OLED TVs

Even though most OLED TVs are still priced higher than other models, the amazing detail and picture clarity are often worth the extra costs for some consumers. The thinner and lighter screen is generally preferred over bulkier models, and it can also improve your viewing experience. Some of the other benefits of OLED TVs can include

Color Rendition: OLED TVs are capable of producing richer and deeper colors since each pixel contains all of the elements necessary to accurately produce every color in the spectrum.

Contrast: Since the individual pixels are capable of producing every color in the spectrum blacks are darker and deeper, especially since 1080p resolution is standard on these models.

Uniformity and Viewing Angle: Since OLED TVs do not have backlighting and each pixel is individually lit, it is capable of producing a uniform and even picture. This also ensures that the picture quality remains the same from any viewing angle.



While LCD TVs might be priced lower, the new OLED models are capable of providing a sharper and better quality picture. As the technology continues to improve, OLED TVs will also become more affordable. If you want to experience amazing picture quality that is uniform from any viewing angle and see your images in “true life” color an OLED TV might be exactly what you are looking for.



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Good oral hygiene is not only important for a sparkling white smile, it is also essential for your overall health. Gum disease caused by poor oral hygiene can increase your risk of developing diabetes and heart disease, along with other serious health complications. To keep your teeth and gums healthy it is important to brush regularly. Not only will this make visits to the dentist less painful it will also improve your health. In this buying guide you will find the information you need to confidently choose the right manual toothbrush.


Manual toothbrush 1


How to choose a manual toothbrush

Choosing a toothbrush is a little more complicated than simply grabbing the first package you see. There are a few factors that need to be considered so you can be sure you picked the best one to meet your oral health needs.


Adult or children

One of the first aspects to consider is who will be using the manual toothbrush. Children generally need a smaller toothbrush that fits in their mouth and in the hands. Bright colored handles with stickers and decals can make brushing fun for younger children. While the color and style of the toothbrush probably won’t matter as much to an adult, there is nothing wrong with choosing one that fits your personality and makes you smile.


Head size

When you are trying to determine what size head you need on a manual toothbrush, a good tip to remember is that most adults use one that measures one inch high and ½ inch wide. This allows the head of the toothbrush to fit easily in the mouth, and effectively cover the surfaces of your teeth. There are larger toothbrushes available but it is important to note that these can be difficult to maneuver in your mouth. This often results in teeth being missed when you are brushing, especially the back molars. You also want to choose a toothbrush with a long enough handle that fits comfortably in your hand.



There are a few aspects to consider when you are looking at the bristles on a manual toothbrush. Not only do you want it to be comfortable to use, the bristles should also be effective at removing plaque and tarter without damaging the tooth enamel. Most people prefer using a toothbrush with soft bristles that won’t irritate the gums or scratch the protective enamel. There are also medium and hard bristles, but these can often cause damage to your teeth and gums.

When you are in doubt about which type of bristles are best for you, a quick consultation with your oral health provider can help you make the right decision. One tip to remember is to choose a manual toothbrush with rounded bristles to prevent scratched enamel and gum irritation.



One of the best ways to make sure you are choosing an effective manual toothbrush is to get a recommendation from an oral health care professional. Not only can your dentist suggest a top rated brand, he is also familiar with your oral health needs. The manual toothbrush should also be approved by the ADA, and have the association’s seal marked clearly on the packaging.


Manual toothbrush


Tips for using a manual toothbrush

Even the top rated manual toothbrush will be ineffective at removing plaque and tarter if it is not used properly. Soft or medium bristles are generally considered gentler on enamel and gums, and are also more flexible at covering the surface of the tooth. These flexible bristles can also get between teeth easier and along the gum line without causing redness or irritations.

Most dental experts recommend holding the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle pointing towards the gum line. Making short brushing motions over each tooth will effectively remove plaque and tartar, along with helping to refresh your mouth. Brushing gently will remove stubborn plaque deposits without scratching the tooth’s surface, and it is important to cover all sides of your teeth.



You can improve your oral health with a manual toothbrush, as long as you choose the right one. The toothbrush should fit comfortably in your mouth and hands, and the bristles should not be hard enough to cause any discomfort when you are brushing. Rounded nylon bristles are generally preferred since it is less likely to scratch tooth enamel or irritate gums, and should be able to effectively remove plaque and tartar from all surfaces of your teeth. You also want to make sure that the manual toothbrush has been approved by the ADA, and recommended by oral health care provider.



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