RCA RCD175i Boombox Review


Best Rated Boombox from RCA


1. RCA RCD175i 30-PinBenefits

Including a CD player, an iPhone docking station, an Mp3 player and an FM radio, this boombox is one of the most functional and versatile models on the market today.

Its speakers deliver clear and loud sound, perfect for indoor or outdoor usage.

It is also portable and compact, easy to carry around using its large and comfortable handle.

The boombox boasts an excellent FM radio reception, one of the best on the market.

A full control remote is included.



While we loved the portability and functionality of this excellent boombox, we do have a small mention to add. The RCA RCD175i uses six D type batteries instead of a lithium-ion accumulator. Once we got the required batteries, this stereo performed above expectations, making it the best boombox from RCA we have ever tried.


Benefits explained

The main strength of the RCA RCD175i boombox lays in its ability to use so many audio input sources, from classic audio CDs to new mp3 files. Serving as an excellent sound system dock for an iPhone or iPad, this portable model is perfect for anyone who wants to listen to htheiris extensive smartphone audio collection on a large, high quality stereo. Together with its Mp3 player option, this feature makes it one of the best choices for anyone in love with digital gadgets.

1. RCA RCD175i 30-Pin

When it comes to sound quality, all the RCA RCD175i boombox reviews praise its sound clarity and good audio definition. Using its high quality stereo speakers, this portable boombox can easily replace heavier and bulkier models.


Designed to be as portable as possible, the RCA RCD175i has a very light and compact frame. Ideal for transportation during long travels, holidays and outdoor activities, this boombox will deliver hours of quality music wherever is needed. Used indoor or outdoor, this model can cover all the needs for music and radio listening, making it an ideal choice for anyone in need of a good recreational stereo.


Loved by all its users, this stereo has one of the best radio receptions around. Using a simple wire antenna, this model manages to impress us with its superb FM quality signal reception, surpassing even dedicated FM radio models.


Exceptional for a boombox this portable, the RCA RCD175i comes with a full control remote. Integrated sound volume, track select and device switch options give the user full control over all sound devices, this remote greatly enhance the functionality and utility of this great quality stereo.



With plenty of options and features, this boombox is a perfect choice for anyone who values mobility and functionality. Simple and comfortable to use and carry, featuring an incredible sound quality for its size, the RCA RCD175i is called by many the best boombox with iPod dock of the year. Additionally, a full control remote offers plenty of flexibility and comfort to users, allowing them to replace a more expensive home sound system. Portable and easy to use, able to connect to so many different sound sources, this boombox is one of the most useful models you can buy right now.


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