Salon Supply Store Aromatherapy Facial Steamer Review


Highest Rated Facial Steamer from Salon Supply Store


1. Salon Supply Store facial steamerBenefits

This is an affordable professional face steamer that can be used successfully in beauty parlors.

It’s lightweight and easy to maneuver.

The design of the device is impressive in itself.

The product can be used with regular tap water.

Antibacterial UV ozone is one of this facial steamer’s innate functions.



Some customers have complained about how basic this product is. It looks like the steamer does not lock on the stand.

Other buyers have emphasized that in spite of the remarkably good-looking design, the product isn’t as heavy duty as they expected it to be.


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Benefits Explained

Depending on the retailer you end up choosing for your purchase, the prices vary for this facial steamer. All things considered, this is the best facial steamer with aromatherapy and it comes at a friendly price. There are many customers out there who claim it offers good value for its reasonable cost.

2. Salon Supply Store facial steamer

Yet another noteworthy feature of this model is that it is lightweight and easy to carry around. This certainly comes as a help for people looking to utilize it in various places around the salon they’re working in. Moreover, it’s even easy to put together. The ensemble is composed of a base and two poles that can be assembled quickly and efficiently, without any help from a professional.


Most individuals who work in spas or salons are aware of how customers are sometimes impressed by how professional their equipment looks. Fortunately, the color and the design of this item goes along with any type of beauty parlor and is known to impress clients. It’s simple and downright beautiful.


All facial steamers can be utilized with regular tap water. Obviously, tap water is cheaper than its distilled counterpart, but some professionals prefer the second as they claim it produces better steam. That remains to be proved, as there have been no studies performed on the topic. If you ever run out of distilled water but can’t say no to an appointment, you might need a model like this one considering it works great with tap water as well.


As is the case with other products belonging to the same line, this one comes with ozone and aromatherapy. Ozone technology is known for creating a clean steam that does not pose any risk to the health of the customers’ skin. Most modern models nowadays feature this function, be they for home users or for professional ones.



This is an affordable facial steamer that can be bought for an approximate price of $100. It’s not exactly the cheapest one on the market, but its price is more than reasonable considering the number of features it comes with. This could just as well be the best facial steamer from Salon Supply Store, as it has ozone technology and can be used with regular tap water.

Salon Supply Store facial steamer reviews claim the device manages to produce steam in a matter of 5 to 7 minutes.


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